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Volume 5971

The brigands saw the spear flying toward Tarzan's head, and believed that the death of the Ape-man would bring them victory. Then Tantor, the elephant, saw the speeding lance. He reared upward to protect his friend Tarzan and received the spearhead in his trunk. When the marauders beheld the miracle of Tarzan's escape, they cried out: "He is truly a son of the demons, and with their aid he will conquer us."

The tide of panic surged through the outlaw horde, and they fled across the plain, bearing their wounded with them. As the brigands vanished Tarzan removed the spear from Tantor's trunk, and tenderly anointed the wound with a healing balsam. Then the caravan resumed its journey to restore the stolen treasure to the pharaoh. When Ra, the sun, sank in the west Tarzan and his companions halted for the night in a jungle glade. The elephants were ranged about to protect the company from the fierce beasts of the jungle. While the others slept, the three henchmen of the high priest signaled one another and withdrew beyond the guarded circle.

Then one spoke: "Tomorrow we shall come to the city. So, tonight we must slay Tarzan, according to the bidding of our master, the high priest."

"Let us kill them all and bear the treasure in secret to the high priest," said another. "Thus shall we win his favor."

Together the conspirators crept forward to execute their treacherous plot!

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