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Volume 5970

The brigand horde swarmed across the plain, their archers flanked by swordsmen and strong armed lancers. Tarzan knew there was no escape except through victory, and victory seemed impossible. So Tarzan resolved on artful warfare, and bound the swords of his men to the trunks and tusks of the elephants.

"To battle, Tantor!" the Ape-man cried.

The giant elephant trumpeted fiercely as he led his companions into the fray! When the outlaws saw the great armed beasts advancing, they were seized with terror and turned to flee, but they were rallied by their stern chieftain Sathor. Thus was the battle joined. Tarzan's company poured arrows into the brigand ranks. But the enemy archers were too close-pressed to draw their bows. 

The great elephants charged furiously into the battle, swinging their weaponed trunks. A reckless brigand penetrated the phalanx of flashing steel and thrust his sword at Tantor. The elephant swayed and escaped the blow, and trampled the outlaw to the ground. Then agile Sathor swung up Tantor's side to slay Tarzan. The Ape-man met the bold attack and flung off the brigand chieftain. But from the fringe of the outlaw horde, a lancer raised his mighty arm and hurled a spear at Tarzan's head.

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