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Volume 5969

TANTOR THE ELEPHANT ~ 1934.04.15 ~ #162
As the fierce leader of the wild dogs sprang at Tarzan's throat with fangs bared, the Ape-man dealt a mortal blow with is sharp knife. When they witnessed the swift doom of their leader, the others of the pack knew Tarzan for their strongest foe, and singled him out for attack. The two soldiers of the pharaoh's bodyguard gave him aid, but the cowardly henchmen of the high priest sought to escape, leaving their comrades to the vengeance of the pack. But as they fled, they heard in front of them the trumpeting of a wild elephant, and new fear seized them. 

Then they were startled by a wild, triumphant cry from Tarzan, the elephant bellowed in answer, and charged toward him. Once Tarzan had saved Tantor the elephant from a trap, and Tantor remembered; so when he saw the Ape-man menaced by the rebels of the jungle, he lunged into the fray. Tantor trampled the savage dogs under foot, and with his powerful trunk he flung them against great trees, until at last they were vanquished. Then, obeying Tarzan, Tantor summoned two more elephants from the jungle. Their broad backs were laden with the chests of gold for the triumphant journey to the city. But when the caravan came to an open expanse in the forest, a brigand sentry spied it from a watchtower of the hidden stockade, and cried and alarm. And the outlaws streamed from the gate vowing to recover their rich loot and wreak vengeance on its captors!

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