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Volume 5968

DOGS OF WAR ~ 1934.04.08
When the spy gripped the ladder to hurl Tarzan to his doom, one of his allies whispered: "Spare him now, for we shall need his aid in bearing the treasure through the jungle."

So Tarzan descended to the cavern, now cleared of the fumes of sulphur by which he had routed the brigands. In a secret recess he found the chests of gold. The company transported the treasure to a hidden glade. There to organize their caravan to carry it to the city.

Meanwhile the outlaws continued their headlong flight, still believing they were pursued by demons, and never suspecting they had been victims of Tarzan's trick. They took refuge in their emergency stockade, a stronghold against mortal enemies and ringed around with charms to ward off evil spirits. Here they kept a cage of wild dogs, fiercest of all jungle creatures, to release against those who would besiege them. 

As the brigands streamed into the stockade, one stumbled against the delicate trigger that controlled the door of the cage. The door sprang open, and the savage dogs took to the hunt, hungry and full of the lust for blood. In the deep forest, their keen nostrils caught the scent of Tarzan and his company. With the precision of a trained army, they rushed to the attack. Tarzan saw their swift charge. He might have escaped into the trees, but his companions had no skill in jungle ways, so he remained to defend them.

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