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Volume 5967

VAPORS OF DEATH ~ 1934.04.01
When his cowardly foes were almost upon him, Tarzan arose from the cliff's edge and they drew back silently into the veil of foliage. The Ape-man set out to explore the forest. Ahead of him he saw a plume of smoke rising from a crevice. By this he knew the brigands in their cave were preparing a feast. Then he conceived a brilliant stratagem. He guided his men to the boiling springs nearby, and gathered sulphur deposited by the steaming waters. They poured the sulphur into the fissure, so that it would fall on the fire below, hoping that the stifling fumes would drive the murderous outlaws from their underground lair. 

The brigands believed the fire god had become angry and sought to slay them, for some fell gasping and screaming to the earth, and over the others the blue flames of burning sulphur cast the pallor of death. The alarm echoed through the cavern, and the outlaws fled in wild panic before this deadly magic. With fearful frenzy they unsealed the massive door, and scurried up the ladders to safety. Tarzan and his company watched the terrified brigands racing through the forest to escape the demons which they believed were pursuing them. Then the Ape-man descended to find the stolen treasure in the cavern. But one of his treacherous companions made ready to topple the ladder into the abyss!

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