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Volume 5966

TREACHERY ~ 1934.03.25
While Hotep and his mother were locked in a secret dungeon Tarzan and the two soldiers journeyed to retrieve the stolen treasure which was the price of freedom for the mother and child. Swiftly they were trailed by the high priest's men, who had vowed to their master that Tarzan should not return alive. Once, while the Ape-man halted to refresh himself with cool water, the pursuers forged ahead and prepared to set upon Tarzan and his companions from ambush. But at the last moment, their coward hearts cautioned them against bold attack.

Then said one to the others: "Let us pretend we are his friends. So shall we approach near to him when he is at ease, and so shall we slay him." They hailed Tarzan and said they were sent by the pharaoh to aid in the quest for the treasure, and Tarzan received them as friends.

The party came at last to the forest atop the brigand's cavern, and the Ape-man advised that the soldiers search the jungle for outlaw sentinels. Tarzan himself crept to the edge of the ravine to survey the entrance to the brigand's stronghold. But the three henchmen of the high priest circled to the rear of him, and approached with drawn knives to slay him and topple his body into the deep ravine!

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