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Volume 5965


When the high priest pronounced the sentence of sacrificial death on Hotep, his mother and the ape-man, Tarzan sought an appeal to the pharaoh.

The priest replied: "Tutamken is gone on a far journey, and Moloch's wrath must be appeased at once." But he knew that the pharaoh would soon return, and feared that the sacrifice would be halted. So the victims were led forth speedily to the sacrifice, as the red hands of Moloch descended to clutch them Tutamken returned, and entered the temple to repeat the prayers which the holy scrolls ordained at the end of the journey.

"Faster! Faster!" cried the high priest to the servitors who operated the heavy chains that moved the arms of the devouring idol. But Tarzan saw the pharaoh and cried the jungle call of distress. Tutamken recognized his friend, and ran to stop the sacrifice.

Then Tarzan related how he had rescued Nikotris, and in return he pleaded that Hotep and Ra-Noon be spared, saying: "Let their guilt rest on me."

Tutamken answered: "The ransom I offered for Nikotris, my sister, was seized by the Brigands. Retrieve it, Tarzan, and you shall all go free."

Two soldiers of the pharaoh's bodyguard were assigned to accompany Tarzan on his perilous mission, But the high priest, remembering the fate of his predecessor at Tarzan's hands, dispatched three of the temple spies to follow with orders that "Tarzan must not return alive!"

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