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Volume 5964

CONDEMNED ~ 1934.03.11
When the temple guard demanded that Hotep be delivered for the sacrifice, his frantic mother Ra-Noon protested he was not there. But the captain answered: "Our eyes are as a thousand eyes, and they beheld your son enter this house. Yield him, or you shall die in his stead. In his underground chamber; Hotep heard, and cried out; for the life of his mother was dearer to him than his own. The soldiers advanced toward the trap-door, but Tarzan, enraged by the cruelty of Hotep's fate, ignored the superior power of the guards and flung himself in their path.

The ape-man fought with the fury of a tiger. Two soldiers felt the keen edge of his knife, which flashed like lightning, but at last he was conquered by force of numbers. Then Tarzan, Ra-Noon, and Hotep were led in chains through the streets, and they were brought into the mystic presence of the high priest who dispatched an order that fresh fuel be heaped on the sacrificial fires.

Then he pronounced judgment: "As you have aroused the fiery wrath of Moloch, so shall you perish in flames to appease him."

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