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Volume 5963

THE HAND OF FATE : 1934.03.04
As the brigand lifted his knife to strike Tarzan, Kamur toppled his giant body against the outlaw, who fell on his own blade. Swiftly the ape-man arose and freed his friends, and with their bonds the enemy archers were confined. Then Tarzan and Kamur descended to the Brigands' cave. The great stone door was ajar. 

Awaiting the return of the bowmen. In a cavern hall they saw the outlaws making merry during the absence of their stern chieftain. Swiftly they closed the door and sealed it with the stout crossbar. Advancing silently, they sprang upon the two sentinels, and rescued Nikotris from the dungeon. Nikotris and Kamur departed for the mountain fastnesses of the Ibeks, while Tarzan set out for the city to restore Hotep to his grieving family.

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