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Volume 5962

A LIVING TARGET: 1934.02.25
The arrows struck closer and closer to Tarzan, in the cruel game which had his life as its stake. Then the eager hand of an archer trembled, and an ill-shot arrow sundered one of the ape-man's bonds. Tarzan whipped out the knife hidden in his loin-cloth and slashed the fetters at his ankles, while the astonished outlaws, shooting wildly, sped to seize him. Tarzan sprang to a branch of a the tree, and mounted high among its concealing leaves, as the enraged bowmen shot into the thick foliage. 

Screened by foliage, Tarzan sped through the tree until he reached a branch near a lone archer. Entwining his leg in a vine, Tarzan swung head down. From the bewildered bowman he seized a bow and three arrows, and swung up again into the tree. When three Brigands fell, pierced by Tarzan's arrows, their companions turned on Kamur and Hotep for vengeance. Swiftly, Tarzan leaped down on the attackers. He bore two of them to the ground, but the third drew away and raised his knife to plunge it into the ape-man's back!

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