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Volume 5959

IN THE RAVINE: 1934.02.04
When the powerful apes hoisted the log to shake off the two men, Tarzan and Kamur could retain their foothold no longer. They leaped and landed on a ledge. A haven of safety in the sheer wall of the ravine. Tarzan explored the path that led from the ledge, but saw that it melted finally into the vertical wall. With savage apes above and the deep ravine below, they were hopelessly imprisoned and doomed to a terrible death by hunger and thirst. The alert apeman leaped to peer at a curious hole in the rock wall. 

Suddenly, two sinewy hands darted through the opening and closed around Tarzan's throat. As Tarzan drew his knife to slash the hands that gripped him, a strange door opened in the side of the cliff -- and four fierce men seized him. When the cavern had swallowed Tarzan, his captors ran to lay hold of his companions.  The ape-man knew now that he was in the cave of the dread brigands of El Ka-Nur. The brigand chief was quick to pronounce judgment on his captives.

"Only three men before you have discovered our secret lair," he said. "There are their heads. The three males among you shall share their fate. The woman we shall keep as slave!"

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