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Volume 5958

TARZAN'S PLIGHT ~ 1934.01.28
Nikotris and Kamur were startled when Tarzan, who had been their friend, stared at them with menacing eyes. The jungle echoed with the savage rhythm of the earth drum while Buwang prepared for sacrificial slaughter. Then the ape-man spoke in commanding voice: "It  is I, our king, who must strike the death blow!"

Nikotris knew not his words, but she saw his face, and whispered: "The ape-man has become in truth a savage ape."

With arms unbound and legs hobbled, Tarzan was brought forth to perform the death rite. He raised his club to strike. Suddenly, Tarzan's knife flashed from the folds of his loin cloth. Swinging his club in a circle to hold the apes at bay, he swiftly slashed the thongs that bound him, then freed his friends. Tarzan's mighty blow saved Nikotris, and provided a club for Kamur. The ape-man and the giant prince battled fiercely through the savage circle, and fled into the deep forest. But behind them echoed the shrill hunting cry of the pursuing apes. They came at last to a deep ravine, and started slowly across on a fallen tree. Then came the apes and lifted the log, to url their victims into the ravine. Kamur swayed with his precious burden, and even agile Tarzan toppled!

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