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Volume 5957

THE CAPTIVE KING ~ 1934.01.21
When Tarzan and Hotep plunged earthward, the ape-man saved himself, but the boy fell full into the arms of a grinning ape. The great apes surrounded the little white-skin to balk his rescue by Tarzan. The ape-man attacked but he was overwhelmed by force of numbers. The strongest vines of the jungle bound Tarzan as Buwang advanced to slay him. Then came Tabong, an elder of the tribe, and commanded Buwang to withhold the death blow until the apes had taken council.

When the council ended, Tabong spoke: "Who kills king in battle, is king. Tarzan slew Modug. Tarzan now king." Tarzan answered, "You are outlaw apes. I will not rule your tribe." But the apes were bound by ancient law to show outward honor to their king, though they held him captive. So Tabong set the swiftest apes coursing through the forest, to find a fitting sacrifice to honor their monarch. The eager hunters came upon Nikotris and Kamur. The giant prince of the Ibeks fought valiantly, but he was conquered at last by a crafty attack from the trees. From the deep forest, the hunters led Tarzan's friends to the sacrifice in his honor.

"Dum-Dum!" cried the beasts. "Blood for Tarzan the king!"

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