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Volume 5956

TRAPPED! ~ 1934.01.14
As the apes tightened their circle of death, Tarzan sprang to the shoulder of Buwang and shot like an arrow to a high branch. Two apes of greath strength flung Modug into the tree for swift pursuit of Tarzan. Modug paused to scream a command. And his cry -- "Ahal Gord! -- To the moon!" -- echoed through the jungle. The apes swarmed toward the upper reaches of the tall forest, and half a hundred savage allies joined the chase. The boy Hotep proved burden to Tarzan's flight. Fierce Modug was almost upon him when Tarzan halted suddenly and thrust his foot into Modug's face. The giant ape pitched backward to the ground. Tarzan turned, but his path was blocked by enemies, crying vengeance for their slain leader. Below, there was no retreat. 

Through the night, the beasts held Tarzan entrapped, for they believed the sight of their victim was good in the eyes of Goro the moon. With the rising sun, Buwang advanced and challenged: "Ka-goda -- Do you surrender?" and the ape-man answered, "Tarzan Nal Goda -- Tarzan never surrenders!" Then Tarzan plunged at the great ape. Thus he hoped to break through the circle, and check his own fall by grasping a branch, but the impact wrenched Hotep from his arms, and Tarzan himself hurtled earthward!

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