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Volume 5955

THE DANCE OF DEATH ~ 1934.01.07
The rising of the moon was the signal for the beginning of the dance of death. While the she-apes beat the earth-drum faster and faster, little Hotep lay white and trembling between two ape guards. Suddenly Modug, the ape king, leaped from the circle , and looking full at the moon, he emitted his fearful roaring shriek. The dance had begun. The apes leaped in a mad frenzy, faster and faster as the wild race of the dance increased. At a signal from Modug, the dancing suddenly stopped. In the dread silence that followed, Modug seized a club and advance upon little Hotep. But the death blow was not struck. At that instant Tarzan flashed through the circle of apes.

"I am Tarzan of the apes!" the ape-man announced. "And that little white-skin there, he is my balu. Yield him to me."

"I am Modug," the other replied. "I kill!" and he swung his club. But Tarzan seized the club and reached for a crushing hold. In a second they were upon the ground, biting, clawing, rending -- two savage beasts in a death battle.

"Help! Help me!" Modug finally cried. But no ape king can call for help in battle and retain his kingship.

"Ka-goda?" Tarzan whispered, meaning, "Do you surrender?"

"Ka-goda?" said Modug.

As Modug surrendered, Tarzan picked up little Hotep. "I am Tarzan, mighty hunter, mighty fighter," he said. "I am your king and this is my Balu. Who dares touch him fights Tarzan."

In answer came a wild roar form the encircling apes. Slowly they started advancing.

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