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Volume 5954

HOTEP ~ 1933.12.31
At the death of the bull ape, Tarzan's mighty victory cry thundered through the forest so that the shrieks of little Hotep could not be heard as the she-ape Yahara carried him off. The frenzy of Tarzan's cry stirred the lust of battle in the heart of fat old Buwang, heaviest of the apes, as he saw Yahara approaching with the boy. But Yahara fled when he challenged her and made for the high branches of a tree, where, because of his great weight, he could not follow. With wild cries she taunted him. As Yahara loosed her hold upon him, Hotep wriggled free and climbed out on a bending branch. The she-ape shook the branch ferociously as Hotep struggled to hold on. Below the apes of the tribe had gathered in a bloodthirsty mood. Desperately the boy clung. 

But finally his strength gave way. He fell senseless into the midst of the ravenous tribe. Modug, the king-ape halted them as they prepared to attack the boy. He ordered a feast for all and commanded them to gather at the secret glade of the dum-dum. He himself carried little Hotep off to the place of the strange ritual. Three old shes started beating steadily upon the earth mound beside which Hotep lay very still. It was the call to the mad dance of death. As Tarzan heard it the savagery of his ape-life stirred within him. He rushed to join the feast of the beasts.

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