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Volume 5950

CHILD OF FIRE ~ 1933.12.03
Once more the great fire blazed in front of the god Moloch. Human sacrifices were to be made for the harvest season. The new high priest ordered each officer of the palace guard to bring his youngest son to be offered to Moloch. When the captain of the guard came bearing his command to his wife, the boy, Hotep, heard and fled from the house of his father. He ran in terror through the city streets. By dawn he had crossed the desert and come to the outskirts of the jungle. It was noon before Hotep dared think of rest but when he lay down he saw strange eyes gleaming at him through the thicket. In wild panic he raced for his life. After him came Sabor the lioness. The boy shrieked for help as he saw a little hut high in the trees. 

There was no answer but Hotep saw a swinging vine, reached for it, and swung himself up. Then Sabor leaped. The great cat's claws ripped into his flesh, but the boy swung himself out of reach. His strength gave out as he reached the hut in the tree. There Tarzan and Nikotris found him -- but even at that moment, the ape-man heard the horse he had tethered below shrieking in mad fright.

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