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Volume 5949

JUNGLE ~ 1933.11.26
Foiled by Tarzan's desperate leap, the Ibek horsemen reined in suddenly at the very brink of the precipice, while Tarzan's horse scrambled for a footing on the other side of the ravine. The ape-man hurled the Princess Nikotris to the firm ground ahead, then leaped himself and with his giant strength pulled the horse up on the bank. As he mounted and made off with Nikotris again, a shower of spears swept by them. But the attack ceased suddenly as a courier arrived from t he old Ibek king. The flight of Nikotris fitted into King Gornak's plan to prevent her marriage to his son. He smiled as Prince Kamur, still delirious, called vainly for Nikotris.

Meanwhile Tarzan, thinking the Ibeks would continue the pursuit, raced his mount into the jungle. In the jungle the ape-man felt secure. He slackened pace and led the tired horse through the thickets of the unblazed trail. He was bringing the princess -- exiled by her own people, scorned by the tribesmen of the man she loved -- to the hut he had built in the trees which was now her only home. As they entered the hut, both stopped,  startled. A boy was lying there asleep.

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