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Volume 5946

PRISONERS ~ 1933.11.05
Instead of the barbaric welcome that had been prepared for the victorious return of Prince Kamur, there was grim silence among the Ibeks as he was borne home upon the shields of his soldiers. A group of Ibek women came forward to greet Nikotris and they led her away to a tent that had been prepared for her. The elders of the tribe escorted Tarzan to an adjoining tent. Around both tents soldiers were placed on guard. It was not until flat refusal met her demand to see Prince Kamur that Nikotris realized the Ibeks had made her a prisoner. In another tent the medicine men were attending to Prince Kamur. 

They shaved off his beard and anointed his wounds. In his delirium he kept calling for Nikotris, but his father, King Gornak, had ordered strict enforcement of the law of the tribe; the bridegroom must not see his bride again before the wedding. And King Gornak swore there would be no wedding ... for he would not have his son mate with a hated Egyptian. Nikotris bided her time and won the friendship of a handmaiden she could trust. Through her she tried to send a message to Kamur. The message was intercepted but no punishment was meted out. But when Nikotris attempted to send a message to Tarzan the girl was seized and brought before King Gornak.

"A hundred lashes!" the king ordered. As the girl's screams filled the air, Tarzan, in his prison tent heard another woman shrieking wilding. It was Nikotris calling for him. "Tarzan! Help me!"

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