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Volume 5944

TO THE DEATH! ~ 1933.10.22
The battle-cry of the great apes burst from Tarzan's throat as the Ibeks charged. It rallied the Egyptians and grimly they waited, for the Ibeks outnumbered them two to one. Behind them the Pharaoh Tutamken, drawing his sword, rushed upon Kamur. "Die, Monster!" he shouted. But Nikotris threw herself before the Ibek prince so that the Pharaoh could not strike.

"Do you turn against your people, O traitorous Nikotris?" cried Tutamken.

"No Pharaoh," she answered. "For Kamur alone can save us!"

The Ibek giant softened before her gaze. Quietly Nikotris spoke to him, at once he faced the charging Ibeks and roared a single word. The horses reared and plunged as the Ibeks checked their mad advance. Fiercely they glared at the Egyptians, but they would not disobey their prince.

Kamur grasped Nikotris by the hand. "The Princess comes with me, Pharaoh," he said. "It is that --- or death for all!"

"Death then it is!" cried Tutamken, "And the traitoress Nikotris shall be the first to die!"

The Ibeks shouted in savage joy of battle as they heard his words. As the warriors raised their spears to strike, Tarzan suddenly called to them to halt. The Ibeks hesitated before his commanding presence. "All need not die, O Pharaoh!" said Tarzan. "Let the Ibeks choose the strongest man among them. Let me -- alone -- fight him to decide the issue!"

"Well said, man of the apes!" said Kamur. "I, Prince Kamur, shall be the champion of my people. Let us fight -- to the death!"

"To the death!" shouted Tutamken. "Tarzan, great shall be your reward!"

Quickly the warriors formed a ring. The giant Kamur smiled as Tarzan faced him. "Ask no quarter, man of the apes!" He said and slowly the two advanced, their hands tensed for the death-grip, their feet braced for the spring.!

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