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Volume 5943

THE IBEK HORDE ~ 1933.10.15
THE IBEK HORDE: The screams of Nikotris aroused Tarzan as the panther sprang. The ape-man met the animal in mid-air. But the swift impact of the plunging beast threw him back. The great cat clawed for Tarzan's throat. Suddenly the panther gasped and fell, an arrow protruded from its heart! It was an arrow of the master bowman -- the pharaoh Tutamken, who had sought his sister and Tarzan all night with a company of soldiers. The pharaoh barked an order. A soldier rallied his sword over the head of Kamur, still unconscious from the knife-thrust Nikotris had given him.

Nikotris cried out in alarm and grasped the soldier's sword-arm even as it descended. "Do not kill him! I love him!" she exclaimed. The queen threw herself at the pharaoh's feet and pleaded for Kamur's life.

But Tutamken was unmoved. "THE MONSTER must be destroyed!" he said. At the pharaoh's order, the soldier again raised his sword. Then the silence of the breaking dawn was shattered by a loud shout form many voices. An answering roar came from close beside them. It was Kamur, now awake, returning the wild war-cry of the fierce and terrible Ibeks! Wandering warriors of Kamur's tribe had spied the Egyptian soldiers. Driven to a frenzy as they recognized their long-lost ruler, the Ibek horde uttered their blood-curdling yell and charged!

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