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Volume 5941

 KAMUR  ~ 1933.10.01

KAMUR: For centuries the Ibeks, a tribe of fierce mountaineers, had maintained their independence. Then in the days of the old pharaoh, with the rise of their gigantic Prince Kamur, they dared risk open warfare with the Egyptians. Almost single-handed Kamur put the Egyptian army to rout. Spreading terror, Kamur invaded the palace. But at the sight of Nikotris, he halted, spellbound by her beauty. As the price of peace he demanded of pharaoh the hand of the young princess. Readily he agreed to dismiss his army while terms of peace were discussed. 

Then, when he was alone and unarmed, the Egyptians seized him. While he languished in a dungeon, the legend of his terrific strength grew in the land He was THE MONSTER. On festival days he was shown, chained and unkept, to the people. When, after the old pharaoh's death, Kamur finally escaped, he carried Nikotris, who had since become queen, off in his arms. It was Kamur who felled Tarzan with an unsean blow when he discovered the ape-man on his trail. Now he seized the ape-man's knife to strike the death-blow.

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