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Volume 5940

The Spoor ~ 1933.09.24
Tutamken, in anguish over the disappearance of his sister, the queen and the escape of the monster, directed all forces in the search. Through the dread night, crowds gathered in fear. Nobody felt safe. In front of the statue of Moloch, the priests offered sacrifices.

Alone in the desert, Tarzan followed the strange spoor. Far along he found a piece of silk. Had it been torn from the garments of the queen? As he neared the distant cliffs, he was puzzled to see dainty sandalled footprints beside those of the monster. But the spoor was lost in the rocks at the foothills of the mountains. The ape-man hastened his pace, certain that the monster had continued in the direct line he had followed across the desert. He stopped in sudden amazement as he saw in front of him -- the queen. A sphinx-like smile played about her lips. Suddenly the great form of the monster loomed in front of her. Then the ape-man was felled by an unseen force.

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