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Volume 5938

THE MONSTER ~ 1933.09.10

When Tarzan brought Amnis safely down the cliffs the young pharaoh warned him there could be no safety for Amnis or Von Harben if they returned to the city. He ordered the queen's agents back tot he palace. Then he turned to the ape-man. "I will lead your friend and the girl far from the vengeance of the queen," he said. That evening he brought them to a far-off pastoral country and commended them to the protection of a trusted shepherd.

Later, while the young pharaoh was returning with Tarzan across the desert, wild fear was sweeping through the palace. 'The MONSTER has escaped!" the commander of the guard reported to the queen. "You shall die as a bearer of fearful news unless you bring me the monster's head by morning," said Nikotris. But the legend of the monster's dread power had so far filled the country that even the officers of the guard quaked in terror when they were ordered to capture him. Hours later they found the great black who was stationed outside the queen's apartment lying as if dead on the threshold. The queen awoke from a troubled sleep and cried out. The monster was reaching toward her.

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