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Volume 5934

AMNIS ~ 1933.08.13
Tutamken and Nikotris came jointly to the throne as pharaoh and queen. Through Tarzan they sought to restore the damage to the city. Elephants were brought in to lift up the fallen statue of the ape-god Thoth. Hundreds of men began work on rebuilding the temple. Crops were plentiful and peace descended once more upon the land. Von Harben, exploring the country, came upon a peasant girl, Amnis, whose friendly smile and talk delighted him. Daily he came to visit her. The new queen, Nikotris, had been busy with affairs of state, but now she noticed the absence of Von Harben from court and commanded that he appear before her. He came that night but his indifference stirred her with wrath. When he disappeared from the palace, she set spies to trail him. As he kept his tryst with Amnis, the spies leaped from the shadows.

The next night the girl's brother ventured secretly into Tarzan's room. "Your friend Von Harben and my sister have been seized by the queen's agents!" he cried, "Can you save them?" Tarzan appealed to Nikotris to release his friend. But Nikotris said, "Your friend is no more." She faced the ape-man's rising wrath.

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