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Volume 5932

RETURN FROM EXILE ~ 1933.07.30
Now the high priest sat on pharaoh's throne and through the army restored order to the city. But many of the troops deserted and made their way across the desert. Straggling crowds followed. They went to join Prince Tutamken and Princess Nikotris who held court in the jungle where Tarzan had made a home for them. So many were the desertions that the high priest concluded Tutamken and Nikotris must be destroyed, and he plotted with his advisers to send a messenger to invite them to a great banquet. When the messenger came Tarzan took  the prince and princess aside and he warned them that some evil was afoot. But the pharaoh's children would not listen. In triumph they returned to the palace in the royal barge that had been sent for them. At the banquet, held in the royal hall below the river, the high priest entertained only the prince and princess and their closest friends. Suddenly the high priest left his guests. 

But Tarzan, suspecting him, followed. He saw the high priest turn a great handle and then rush through the door. The turning of the handle had unloosed the floodgates and the water from the river poured into the room. The great door through which the high priest  had vanished afforded the only exit from  the room. Tarzan saw that if this door were locked, nobody could escape from the onrushing waters. All would be trapped and drowned. The door was swinging shut. Tarzan leaped toward it.

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