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Volume 5931

 CHILDREN OF THE SUN ~ 1933.07.23
When the revolutionists ventured into the jungle to capture Tarzan the monkey Dhiti was on guard. Swiftly Dhiti sped to warn the sleeping ape-man. Tarzan called the sacred apes to join him and set off through the trees. When he came to a place above the vanguard of the rabble, he uttered the blood-chilling victory cry of the bull-ape at the kill. In a frenzy the other bull-apes repeated the cry. Numa, the lion was aroused and his roar was added to the dread cries of the apes. The whole jungle reverberated with the unearthly yells. . . and the rabble were sore afraid.

Shrieking insanely, the terrified Egyptians started to flee in panic. They were stopped by an invisible voice.

"Follow me," it said, "and I will lead you to safety. Otherwise the great beasts will devour you in wrath." It was Tarzan, hidden in the trees, who spoke. He sent Dhiti on to warn the prince and princess. The crowd followed their invisible guide until they came upon the hiding place of Tutamken and Nikotris, just as the sun was rising. And Tarzan leaped before them and cried out, "Behold the children of the Sun-God! Fall ye down and worship them!" And the frightened revolutionists bowed in awe before the son and daughter of the pharaoh they had killed.

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