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Volume 5930

 THE MOB ~ 1933.07.16
To safeguard the sick prince and his sister, the Princess Nikotris, Tarzan and Von Harben built huts for them high in a great tree. On the land they built a fence to protect against attack. In the city, the mob had control and gave way to rioting. Those who ventured out were attacked and robbed. Quiet citizens hid fearfully in their homes. The soldiers retreated to defend the palace from the mob. The priests of Moloch fled to their subterranean retreats. Not until the mob had wearied itself with rioting did the priests come forth from their hiding place. Then the high priest addressed  the people.

"The gods have turned against the children of pharaoh because they have joined forces with the stranger Tarzan!" he cried. "Fight not amongst yourselves but join all your forces and hunt out the enemy. A king's treasure will reward the men who bring back Tarzan -- dead or alive!"

And that night while the ape-man slept the rabble crossed the desert to seek him out and destroy him.

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