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Volume 5923

THE PRINCE  ~ 1933.05.28
Once more Tarzan hunted with the tribe. But as the apes hunted food, so were they hunted. Hated tarmangani driven by starvation from the city, stalked the jungle for food. To protect himself and his brother apes, Tarzan retrieved the weapons that he had hidden in the trees. His arrows were ever ready for the hunters who dared stalk even the great apes for food.

While the jungle was filled with slaughter, the starving people in the city rejoiced in the news that a human sacrifice was being prepared to save them from starvation. Erich Von Harben was made ready for THE DEATH! Even the tearful prayers of the Princes Nikotris in Erich's behalf failed to move the pharaoh. "The gods have spoken," he said. Then she besought her brother Prince Tutamken to seek Tarzan in the jungle. "Surely he will return to save his closest friend," she said. After Tutamken departed, Nikotris was allowed to say farewell to Von Harben. When she told him that Tarzan was being summoned, he smiled and said, "Then I cannot die."

Swiftly through the jungle sped Tutamken until he was in sight of the ape horde. Then Tarzan in wait for the hated tarmangani who were menacing him and his apes, saw the distant figure and drew his arrow. So Prince Tutamken fell -- with Tarzan's arrow in his chest.

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