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Volume 5913

The land, rich in crops and cattle, had long been blessed with peace and plenty. Then one night, a vagabond made his fire against the cold wind. The sparks caught in the wheat-fields and the flames spread, driving panic-stricken families from their homes. As the Princess Nikotris looked out from her tower in the palace it seemed that the whole country was on fire. By the statue of the fallen ape-god Thoth, people clung together in fear of impending doom. Presently Tutamken's monkeys returned without their master. It was an evil omen and the high priest confirmed the belief of people that unless Tarzan returned with the sacred apes, the land was indeed doomed.

Deep in the jungle, Tutamken waited until dawn when the apes, weary from the death dance, were going off to sleep. Then he swung noiselessly to the tree where Tarzan slept. "The anger of the gods is upon us," said Tutamken. "Only you and the apes can save us." But Tarzan would not return to the palace where his brother-apes were murdered.

When Tutamken reported the failure of his mission the Princess Nikotris consulted the oracles and announced, "It is the will of the gods that I myself go to Tarzan and bring him back to save our people."

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