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Volume 5912

THE WRATH OF THE GODS ~ 1933.03.12
"Woe is upon our land and our people!" cried the Princess Nikotris. The multitudes, come to mourn by the fallen statue of Thoth, echoed her cry.

"The wrath of the gods can be averted only by the return of Tarzan and the apes," the high priest announced after consulting the oracles. So Tutamken princely brother of the beasts, was commissioned to go forth and hunt for the ape-man. Lightly he swung into the trees over the palace wall, accompanied by his pet monkeys. He was stopped by his companions in his swift flight through the jungle. They shrieked a warning for him not to dare go on. Dhiti, his favorite, clung to him.

"That sound means death!" cried the monkey.

Deep in the jungle came the steady beat of apes upon the earthdrum. Tutamken went on alone, but fear filled his heart. The apes themselves had warned him of the fate that awaited any human who came within sight of their secret rites. And he was puzzled by the strange red glare in the forest. The sacred apes had gathered  within their brothers of the jungle. They awaited their king. Within the hollow of a tree. Tarzan hid his weapons. And Tutamken, high in the forest looked down upon a scene that few mortals have ever witnessed. The apes were whirling fiercely in the death dance of the dum-dum, and Tarzan was one of the leaping horde.

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