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Volume 5909

THE FEAST OF THOTH ~ 1933.02.19
After Tarzan swam unscathed through the River of Crocodiles, he stood on the opposite bank and held aloft the skin that had protected him. The Egyptians shouted in one voice, "The god Thoth walks again amongst us!" For they believed the gods often took human form. 

Before the statue of Thoth, god of wisdom and god of the apes, the pharaoh declared a national feast.

That night Tarzan sat enthroned in the palace and oriental splendor. Great oxen were roasted for the soldiers. At the pit of the sacred apes stood three drunken soldiers, who had wandered from the great festival in the palace gardens. . . and, while the apes stared, wondering. . . one of the soldiers, in his madness, started shooting at them. Then Tarzan, in the midst of the great banquet, Heard the apes calling in terror to their king.


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