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Volume 5902

The pharaoh on his throne and the members of his court looked on in grim silence while Tarzan and Von Harben descended into the pit where the sacred apes waited to destroy them.

"Who is your king?" Tarzan demanded as the first ape, growling fiercely, approached him on the staircase. Astonished at this man who spoke their own language, the apes gathered about him.

"I come as your friend," said Tarzan.

"Fight! Fight! Death to the offenders!" roared the Egyptians as the apes failed to attck Tarzn and Von Harben. Down into the pit rushed Tutamken, the monkey-man, fiercely brandishing his lash.

"Is it fear, Oh Rako, that keeps you from destroying the tarmangani who killed our brother, the panther?" the monkey-man shouted. "If you are king of the apes, kill?"

"Who are you? growled Rako.

"I am Tarzan of the Apes," the ape-man replied.

"Rako is king here!" screamed the other, and plunged to the attack. The ape-man met the attack with a terrific blow that sent Rako through the air. Sprawling down to the floor of the pit. Quickly the ape-king recovered. The battle raged all over the pit until Rako's neck was nearly broken in the ape-man's steely grip. Suddenly the beast cried, "Ka-Goda!" meaning "I surrender" and the apes turned to the victor, Tarzan, as their new leader.

"I am your king now!" Tarzan shouted. "Follow me! Death to the Egyptians!"

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