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Volume 5885

A Rare 10-Page Poem by Edgar Rice Burroughs
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by Edgar Rice Burroughs
Transcribed from ERB's original typed manuscript by Bill Hillman
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Genghis Khan by John Buscema

Page 9: Stanzas 17 and 18
Of what stern stuff were men of that far day
When such a child could view the sad array
Of his decadent fortunes and still say;
"The Khan of Yaka, I!  Lord of the Horde
"Of Mongols yet! From where the Onan flows
"Unto Kerulon's ready shore my sword
"Shall be the only law High Asia knows?"
Nor yet did dream the day, already nigh,
When he should be by circumstances hurled
Upon a tide of victory so high
That from its crest he viewed a conquered world
That stretched from Russia's Dneiper to the sea
That washes Cathay's shore and was to be,
With half of Europe, Timur's legacy.

But now he turned the jaded sorrel mare
Upon the venture that had brought him there
And searched for Houlan and his brothers where
They hounded them and was to hound for years
The youth who would be khan and would not know
Defeat or failure, compromise or fears.
The doughty Kassar and Belgutai true
With Houlan and his sisters were, alone, 
The only vassals that the young khan knew
And eight poor horses all the herd they own.
But rich the Mongol who his courage keeps
And faces his adversity, nor weeps,
While always ready, on his arms he sleeps.

Page 10: Stanzas 19 and 20

Again the Taidjuts come and steal the herd,
All but a single horse, and when the word
Belgutai brought and Timujin had heard
He mounted and, alone, took up the trail -- 
Some smoke dried meat beneath his saddle pad,
His weapons and a will that would not fail
His only aids. Johova, what a lad!
Three days he follows where the spoor lies plain.
Fast ride the Taidjuts, for their mounts are fresh.
Yet where another might have well turned back
And left his horses to the robber pack;
Undaunted, Timujin pursued their track.

The fourth day's dawn reveals beside the trail
A youth who milks his mare, but at the hail
Of Timujin approached and heard his tale.
"Before the dawn I saw them driving past,"
The warrior said, and then; "Your horse is spent.
"Let Borchu give you one both fresh and fast,"
Then caught a white, nor waited for assent.
And so did Borchu win the young khan's heart
That he was glad to take this new recruit.
They mount, their chargers champing for the start,
And eagerly set out in swift pursuit,
The horses settling quickly to their stride
And Borchu little guessing that this ride
Was yet to seat him by an emp'ror's side.

Joseph Franke Art


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