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Volume 5855

TARZANA ECOF 2016 :: Pt. 1
Hosted by ERB, Inc. and the LAsubERBs
Photos by Jim Malachowski ~ Page Design by Bill Hillman

Saturday Registration at the Marriott
The pleasant registration staff

Pat and Christopher Olsen ~ LAsubERB Tim Clark

LAsubERBs Scott Tracy Griffin and Bob Zeuschner

Mingling in the lobby

Saturday Event at the Fabulous Burroughs Family home
Hosted by Linda, Llana Jane, and Dejah Burroughs

Bob Zeuschner and John Thompson at the food line while
Peggy Adler chats with Leia Barrett Durham Powell, Martin Powell and Huck Huckenpohler

ERB's Grandson John Burroughs  and  Linda (Mrs. Danton) Burroughs entertain guests

ERB, Inc. President Jim Sullos mingles with the crowd ~ Nancy (Mrs. Denny) Miller enjoying herself behind

(L) Llana Jane Burroughs

The Dealers' Room Opens

Fans peruse the tables of ERB art and collectibles

ERB writer/researcher Bob Zeuschner ~ Artist Thomas Yeates

Janet Mann ~ Tyler Wilbanks ~ Cathy Mann Wilbanks from ERB, Inc.

Relaxing in the Hotel Gardens and Patio

Writers Scott Tracy Griffin and Stan Galloway

Meet Photographer Jim Malachowski
My personal background is: BS in Political Science.  Led a mis-spent work career in accounting and  data processing, for way too many years.  Also (when I was fed up with computers) spent 15 years shooting weddings, portraits, and glamour as a professional photographer.  Till the advent and proliferation of cheap digital cameras.

Have been married to the same long-suffering lady for over 30 years.  My wonderful wife Doro.

Became interested in Tarzan (and ERB) when my Dad would take me to the movies as a pre-school kid.  Jungle movies were always favorites of both of us.

My sister bought me a new G&D Jewels of Opar, when I was in grade school.  And the book fever began.  BTW Jewels is still my favorite ERB book.  Last year I bought the final books that were my goal to find and collect.  So I do feel a bit of letdown from chasing ERB books for most of my life; hard to accept the search is over.  What do I do now?

I discovered the Bibliophiles in 1971 or 1972, and have been a member since.  In 1974 I attended the World Science Fiction Convention in Washington D.C.; during which the ERB DumDum was held.  Had the pleasure of meeting Vern, Caz, Danton, and many other ERB luminaries.  It was quite a great experience.

Over the years I have attended several Dum-Dums and several ECOFs.  I particularly enjoyed the recent ECOF in Tarzana.  Masterfully organized with great activities.  Met a lot of the west coast ERB enthusiasts, it was a great pleasure spending long weekend with them. 

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