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Volume 5759


Joan Bledig  ~  Michael Sanford with Sue-On and Bill Hillman

Bill Hillman and Mike Resnick  ~  Dan Viets

Huck Huckenpohler and Rudy Sigmund  ~  Jim Hadac

Bill Morse and Mike Conran display the Auctioneer's Hat crafted by Bob Hibbard

Jeff Long  ~  Sean Phillips

Henry Franke and Dave Willoughby   ~   Michael Hatt

Bill Wagner   ~   Bill and Sue-On Hillman

Ken Manson

Jim Sullos ~ Michael Hatt ~ Bill Hillman ~ Lee Strong

Dick Spargur and his ERB Clock Faces


John Tyner during presentations
Cathy Wilbanks

Bob Garcia and Jim Sullos


Chicago 3 Amigos
Jeff Long ~ Jerry Spannraft ~ Ray LeBeau

Jim Goodwin 
briefs the banquet crowd on the 2017 Texas ECOF

A few attendees gather for an informal supper


ERBzine 5752: Dum-Dum 2016 Intro

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ERBzine 5754: DD Huckster Room II
ERBzine 5755: Presentations I
ERBzine 5756: Presentations II
ERBzine 5757: Auction and Meetings
ERBzine 5758: ERB Artists 
ERBzine 5759: Friendly Faces
ERBzine 5760: Banquet
ERBzine 5761: Awards/Guests

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