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Host Peggy Adler
Clinton Celebration
Old Friends
Beatles Forever
Tarzan Documentary
Burroughs Bibliophiles Board Meeting

Host Peggy Adler
Photos and Webpage by Bill Hillman
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We checked into our motel for a short rest after our drive from Boston.
We were slowed down a bit for this year's event as
Bill had just had a severe kidney stone attack and was on pain killers for the whole weekend.

Clinton was just  a few miles along the freeway
and our first stop:


The Town Hall was obviously the centre for most of the Dum-Dum events.
Peggy had done a fine job of promoting the gathering and
it was impossible to not see the many informative signs in the area.

We entered the impressive Hall and had a quick peek into the Auditorium
where special events were to be held and
where Tarzan and John Carter films were scheduled to run all weekend.

We drove to around to the rear of the Hall to the official Dum-Dum parking lot.

The lot is adjacent to the Green Room/Huckster Room
where the dealers were setting up their displays of ERB collectibles

The lot was rapidly filling up with old friends and well-known ERB world notables:

John Tyner: National Capital Panthans
Mike Conran: ERB News Dateline magazine
Scott Tracy Griffin: ERB Research, Speaker, Writer: Tarzan Centennial Celebration

The "Burroughs Girls": Linda, Dejah, and Llana Jane

We dropped by the Registration Table in the Huckster Room
to sign in and pick up our giant "goodie bags" from the Dum-Dum host, Peggy Adler.

An open-air concert was in progress at the Vece Gazebo across the street.
A Beatles tribute band: "Beatles Forever" was playing to an appreciative crowd.
This we couldn't miss.
We have done tours in many of the areas the Beatles had played in Engand and Hamburg and
Beatles songs have been a popular feature in our stage act over the years.
Bill had even played in a similar tribute band back home in Canada.

Diane Miller joined us in the crowd and took a triple selfie with her cell phone.

We were able to catch most of the evening film in the Auditorium
A documentary on the Tarzan films through the years:
"The Many Faces of Tarzan"

One of the many screen captures we took.

The day was brought to a close with the
Annual Board Meeting of the Burroughs Bibliophiles in the Rose Room.

The BB Board of Directors:
Dick Spargur ~ Bill Hillman ~ Huck Huckenpöhler ~ Joan Bledig
Bill Wagner ~ Mike Conran ~ Henry Franke III
Missing: Jim Thompson and Rudy Sigmund

A small group of Bibliophile members stayed to attend the late night meeting in the Rose Room.

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