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A 58,000-Word Review of
The Original Tarzan Comics Series
By Michael Tierney
with cover art and every page of the Dell/Gold Key series
added by Bill Hillman from the ERBzine archive
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Pt. 2: DELL ISSUES Nos. 19-39 ~ 1951-1952

January-February 1951
Cover: Lex Barker/ unknown painted art
Writer: Unknown ~ Art: Jesse Marsh
“Tarzan in the Ivory City”
19 The Elephant Men from the Ivory City wear unique armor ... made of ivory!
 Trying to rescue Boy and the Waziri children who've been enslaved in the Ivory City, Tarzan is captured and forced to fight in the arena. Tarzan later saves the king from a rogue bull elephant, and is rewarded with freedom for himself and the children. When a jealous prince ambushes Tarzan, it's the prince who is killed.

“Tarzan and the Thipdar”
Writer: Unknown
Art: Jesse Marsh
 Exploring a new valley on his Dyal steed, Tarzan reunites two young lovers, after saving them from a 'Garth' T-Rex, a cave bear, and piggish teledons. During all this, a mother 'Thipdar' tries to feed Tarzan to her baby pterodactyls.

“Mabu’s Dream”
Writer: Unknown
 Text story. Mabu's dream warns him that a lion is threatening their ox. He’s now a lion hunter with psychic powers.
“Two Against the Jungle -- Escape from Pygmy Valley”
Writer: Gaylord DuBois
Art: Jesse Marsh
 Wild man Abbot is swept away by flood waters. Tying an anchor line, Sid and Bucky navigate the rising flood and then float out of the valley.

 Rogue elephant, T-Rex, pterodactyl, cave bear, teledons. Tarzan gives away the terror bird Dyal he tamed ... as a wedding gift. Just what every bride ever wanted?

Cover: Lex Barker/unknown art
Writer: Unknown ~ Art: Jesse Marsh
“Tarzan and the Terribs”
20 Tarzan rescues a vacationing reporter and his wife from men riding giant iguanas and dressed in crocodile armor. When the wife is recaptured, her next rescue involves an assault into the Terrib's city and a harrowing underground river escape.

“Tarzan Frees His Friends”
Writer: Unknown
Art: Jesse Marsh
 Tarzan and N'kima are blown out to sea by a hurricane, and encounter a boat of Arab slavers who've been capturing animals... including Jad-bal-ja, the Golden Lion. Tarzan quickly turns the circumstances around.

“Mabu’s New Skill”
Writer: Unknown
 Text story of how Mabu saves the village crops from grasshoppers, by chasing birds toward them.

“Two Against the Jungle -- The Barbain”
Writer: Gaylord DuBois
Art: Jesse Marsh
 Needing donkeys to haul provisions overland, Sid and Bucky literally play head games with a tribal chief. Making him think that they have balloons for heads, when negotiations break down, they remove their heads and throw them at the panicked chief. The chief gives out when their heads pop.

 Tree-surfing a hurricane with a monkey on his back and more Ape wrestling. Whether wrestling or fighting, Tarzan often taunts his opponents; "Too slow."

 This issue's Jungle World features a concise geographical map of Pal-ul-don. Subscriptions now include 5 bonus color photos of Lex Barker.

May-June 1951
Cover: Lex Barker photo ~ Writer: Gaylord DuBois ~ Art: Jesse Marsh
“Tarzan Returns to the City of Gold”
21Tarzan takes an injured 'Princess Elaine of Ohio' to Cathne to heal from injuries. After a treacherous prince accidentally kills himself with her gun, she and Prince Jathon are attacked by hunting lions. Tarzan returns just in time.
 Tarzan comments, "I haven't been in Cathne for 20 years and life is cheap in this jungle city."

“Tarzan and the Galley Slave”
 Tarzan helps Captain Paul D-Arnot rescue another French captain, as three ancient Roman cities wage naval battles on a lost lake.

“Mabu Saves a Stranger”
 Text story. Mabu saves a white professor, and is rewarded with a 'thunderstick.' He gave a 10 year old kid a gun. Rough neighborhood.

“Two Against the Jungle -- The Attack of the Savages”
 Rejoined by Will Abbot, Sid and Bucky scare off a dangerous tribe with skyrockets.

July 1951
C: Lex Barker photo ~ W: Gaylord DuBois ~ A: Jesse Marsh
“Tarzan and the Winged Terror”
Jathon and Elaine return.
 A professor, who's been experimenting with animal growth hormones, and his daughter are saved by Tarzan from an evil witch doctor who releases their gigantic shrews and eagles.

“Tarzan and the Chariots of Cathne”
 Tarzan is kidnapped by gangsters who've learned about the City of Gold. The hunting lions of Cathne resolve the problem.

“Great Magic”
 Text story. Mabu uses his 'thunderstick' to chase hippos away from village crops.

“Two Against the Jungle”
 Near Mount Kilamanjaro, Abbot and the boys survive attacks by lions, an elephant, and a black rhino.

Monthly issues begin. The back covers, from #21 through #34, now feature animal photos.

August 1951
W: Gaylord DuBois ~ A: Jesse Marsh ~ C: Lex Barker photo
“Tarzan Keeps the Faith”
Tarzan is captured by trappers and sold to his old enemy, Arab Shiek Abou, from issue #17. He escapes and chains Shiek Abou to a public stake. Tazan must then journey to Miami, Florida, to rescue Jad-bal-ja, the Golden Lion, and several great apes.

“Tarzan and the Trumpeting Herd”
 Tarzan saves the daughter of missionaries from raiding Shiftas, trapping the slavers between French troops and stampeding elephants.

“The Legend of the Sun”
 Text story. Mabu is told the story of a great hunter who shot the sun with arrows ... and created night.

“Two Against the Jungle -- On Elephant Island”
 Abbot breaks his leg as he and the boys raft across a stormy lake.

September 1951
W: Gaylord DuBois ~ A: Jesse Marsh ~ C: Lex Barker photo
“Tarzan on the Trails of Antiquity”
Two trips to Pal-ul-don this time, plus a 'garth' T-Rex hatchling escapes into Tarzan's jungle.
 In the first story, Tarzan leads Paul D'Arnot and Professor MacWhirtle to gather dinosaur eggs in the Pal-ul-don valley from issue #19, where his primitive friends now ride the offspring of the Dyal Tarzan tamed.

“Tarzan and the Moving Forts”
 Tarzan and the Waziri march into Pal-ul-don, taming a herd of 'gryfs' to help liberate A-lur from occupying Waz-ho-dons. Tarzan defeats their king in one-on-one combat.

“The Ways of the Elephant”
 Mabu is taught that tusked bull elephants are blind on their left side.

“Two Against the Jungle -- Journey’s End”
 Sid, Bucky, and Abbot are rescued by a steamer boat. Their journey across Africa is soon completed.

October 1951
W: Gaylord DuBois ~ A: Jesse Marsh ~ C: Lex Barker photo
“The Web of Arrack”
25To save the kidnapped bride of Muviro's son, Tarzan must duel against men, giant spiders, a crocodile god, and the fury of Mataha ... the spurned Queen of Arrack.
 "There is only one thing I fear," said Tarzan, and he isn’t talking about spiders.

“Tarzan and the King of the Gomambas”
 The Gomamba island king is kidnapping wayward explorers and spraying them with a blindness potion, then working them as slaves. With help from Jad-bal-ja, the Golden Lion, Tarzan saves the captives and turns the spray on the king's own eyes.

“Mabu’s Special Day”
 Mabu survives a confrontation with a gorilla by yelling and beating his own chest.

“Brothers of the Spear”
 The long-running Brothers of the Spear feature begins, where a white outsider named Dan-el has been raised as the foster son of a Zulu chief. At the festival of spears, Dan-el and Natongo, the chief's natural son, are equal in skill and become blood brothers.
 "Food and weapons, peace and peril, we shall always share."

Nov. 1951
W: Gaylord DuBois ~ A: Jesse Marsh ~ C: Lex Barker photo
“Tarzan and the Treasure of Isis”
26 Tarzan forges a new trail and dares the danger of an ancient Egyption curse as he and Professor Plume race treasure hunters to an archaeological site hidden inside Pal-ul-don. The treasure's curse is fulfilled when the looters are crushed by a collapsing rock wall.

“Mabu Proves a Trainer”
 Mabu wins a stray dog by training it to guard against leopards.

“Brothers of the Spear”
 Following a map made by Dan-el's natural father, Natongo and Dan-el survive many dangerous animals ... and save the life a a beautiful huntress who speaks a strange language.

 The page count is reduced to 32 pages.

Dec. 1951
W: Gaylord DuBois ~ A: Jesse Marsh ~ C: Lex Barker photo
“Tarzan and the Apeling”
Despite a lumberman shooting his mother, an apeling saves the man's son from attacking apes and then helps Tarzan rescue the man’s wife from an amorous chief.
 The great apes do a war dance to the drumming of the Dum-Dum.

“Mabu’s Great Idea”
 Mabu learns about salt, and uses it to bait a leopard trap.

“Brothers of the Spear”
 Dan-el and Natongo discover that the huntress they saved is Queen Liloma. They help her warn her village of an impending attack. 
The language barrier worries Dan-el when Liloma introduces him to her cheering tribe.

Jan. 1952
W: Gaylord DuBois ~ A: Jesse Marsh ~ C: Lex Barker photo
“Tarzan and the Wickedness of Gogulu”
Tarzan makes a very brief return to Opar, 'Built before the dawn of written history.'
 With Oparian treasure, Tarzan helps Prince Inkolo buy the slave girl Ila from Gogulu, a treacherous witch doctor. When the prince is framed for a crime, Tarzan takes his place in a bare-handed pit fight with a wild buffalo. Tarzan wins easily, and reveals Goglulu's treason.

“Journey’s Beginning”
 Leaving on his first trip to a trading post, Mabu kills a lioness. Take note of this story, because it’s the beginning of a journey that’s going to take twenty years of the reader’s lifetime to complete.

“Brothers of the Spear”
 Dan-el realizes that Queen Liloma wants him to be her husband at the same moment the village is attacked. When victory seems certain, Liloma is killed by an arrow. Dan-el throws his spear through the enemy king.

March 1952
W: Gaylord DuBois ~ A: Jesse Marsh ~ C: Lex Barker photo
“Tarzan Tracks a Robber Band”
When their schooner sinks during a storm, Tarzan and Thurag, the great ape, and Louis D'Arnot and his wife Alice, are castaway at sea.
 When Alice is captured by Arab Berbers, Tarzan and Thurag follow the trail on camels and free her. Surrounded by Berber hordes, a flare brings Captain Paul D'Arnot's helicopter swooping in with machine guns blazing.

“Jungle Stampede”
 The smell from Mabu's trophy lioness skin diverts a hartebeast stampede.

“Brothers of the Spear”
 Dan-el declines kingship of Liloma's tribe. He and Natongo return to their quest to find Dan'el's own people in a legended land beyond the Mountains of the North.

March 1952
W: Gaylord DuBois ~ A: Jesse Marsh ~ C: Lex Barker photo
“Tarzan Meets the Threat of Arrack”
SUMMARY:  'Doctor Mac' MacWhirtle returns to witness a giant spider attacking Boy.
 Armed with cyanide tipped arrows, Tarzan leads the Waziri to the lost Valley of Arrack and wipe out the giant spiders and personally kills Magon, the crocodile god.
 "You'll feast no more on sacrificed victims."
 Once more, Tarzan rejects Queen Mataha's offers to be her king.

“The Honeybird”
 Mabu wanders off and follows a bird to honey.

“Brothers of the Spear”
 Dan-el and Natongo make friends after rescueing a young girl from a leopard. Dan-el then dreams of a key... the same as his birthmark, and the key to finding his father's homeland.

April 1952
W: Gaylord DuBois ~ A: Jesse Marsh ~ C: Lex Barker photo
“Tarzan and the Lake of the Flying Reptiles”
Doctor Mac is back, hoping to replace his lost dinosaur eggs.
 Tarzan, Boy, and Professor MacWhirtle become stranded on a Pal-ul-don island when their plane drifts away. Boy thinks of filling reptile bladders with volcanic gas and uses them as balloons to escape.

“Tarzan and the Wrath of Buto”
 To free a captured ape, Tarzan taunts Buto, the rhinoceros, into charging the trapper's truck.

“The Rain”
 Mabu sacrifices his honey to the rain gods.

“Brothers of the Spear”
 Captured by the warriors of the Lion Heart, Dan-el and Natongo escape by leaping into a river gorge.

May 1952
W: Gaylord DuBois ~ A: Jesse Marsh ~ C: Lex Barker photo
“Tarzan and the Nandi Bear”
Tarzan tracks a legendary monster ... the rarely seen Nandi Bear! He taunts the colossal bear to chase him through a slaver's encampment, freeing the slaves, before killing the dangerous beast.

“Tarzan and the Blue Baboon”
 Professor MacWhirtle has parachuted into a dangerous valley. Tarzan finds that Doctor Mac saved himself from the blue baboons and red apes by wearing his new skunk formula.

“The Rainbow”
 Now a firm believer in omens, Mabu sees good luck in a rainbow.

“Brothers of the Spear”
 Dan-el and Natongo encounter treachery from the white men that the Warriors of the Lion Heart are fighting.

DATE: June 1952
W: Gaylord DuBois ~ A: Jesse Marsh ~ C: Lex Barker photo
32 PP
“Tarzan and the Riders From Rio Grande”
Tarzan teaches three cowpokes to bronco-bust elands and to rope lions. He and his cowboy friends then rope a band of Arabs and free their slaves. Set afoot with no weapons, the slavers protest that they'll be killed.
 "That is your worry. Begone!"

“Tarzan and the Secret Weapon”
 As Tarzan walks Professor MacWhirtle to safety, Doctor Mac's 'secret weapon' of nasty smell doesn't always work as well as he'd hoped.

“The Omen”
 Kaino, Mabu's friend, kills his first lion.

“Brothers of the Spear”
 On Lake Tanganyika, Dan-el and Natongo rescue lovers being chased by a lecherous chief. They take the chief's boat and set sail.

July 1952
W: Gaylord DuBois ~ A: Jesse Marsh ~ C: Lex Barker photo
“Tarzan and the Camera Huntress”
34Tarzan saves camera-woman Carla Mason... a Betty Page lookalike.
 An attacking tribe is frightened away by a combination of roars from Tarzan and his lion friends, and motion pictures projected against a cliff wall. This projection trick would be reused in a Russ Manning issue of Korak, Son of Tarzan.

“Tarzan and the Great Swamp”
 While crossing a Pal-ul-don lake in Princess Loma of Lutor's crocodile boat, Tarzan fights off an attack by gorobar riding Terribs.

“A Waterfall and Whydah Birds”
 Mabu and Kaino marvel at the sight of a waterfall and dancing birds.

“Brothers of the Spear”
 After he and Natongo save King Ka-rombi of Sam-bal from a capsized boat, Dan-el again saves the king's life by catching an assassin's spear in mid-air.

August 1952
W: Gaylord DuBois ~ A: Jesse Marsh ~ C: Lex Barker photo
“Tarzan and the March of the Lion Men”
35 A volcanic eruption destroys both Cathne, the City of Gold, and Athne, the Ivory City. Pursued by the armies of the Elephant Men, Tarzan guides Jathon's Lion Men to Pal-ul-don. On the mount they name Lion Rock, where they fought off hordes of sabre-tooth lions, is where the city of New Cathne is built.

“Buffalo Hunt”
Mabu is frightened by a charging buffalo.

“Brothers of the Spear”
 When hippos destroy the boat given them by King Ka-rombi, Dan-el and Natongo enter a village where, "These people are almost to lazy to trade. We shall sleep safely tonight."

August 1952
116 Pages
W: Gaylord DuBois
A: Jesse Marsh
C: Unknown Art cover (Overstreet is incorrect... NO Lex Barker photo cover on this issue ... painted art only)
“Tarzan Returns to Opar”
1After saving their women from Arab slavers, Tarzan, Chief Buto, and Jad-bal-ja, the Golden Lion, help Prince Nikon lead his white pygmy people to a new home at Opar.

“Tarzan Fulfills a Promise”
 New Cathne Lion Men and the Elephant Men of New Athne are fighting again. Tarzan rescues Jathon from Price Ergon.

“Tarzan Brings Aid to A-lur”
 Riding Argus through the skies of Pal-ul-don, Tarzan unites several cities and tribes to free A-lur from Tor-o-don beastmen.

“Boy Rides Into Trouble”
 Playing on a zebra, Boy barely escapes a lion.

“Chako and the Collar of Shame”
 Chako, the dog-faced baboon, is temporarily collared by trappers.

 Introduction of Argus, the growth hormone-enhanced giant eagle raised by Tarzan. Plus; hand-written notes from Boy and many other short features.

Sep. 1952
W: Gaylord DuBois ~ A: Jesse Marsh ~ C: Lex Barker photo
“Tarzan and the Threat of Athne”
36 The Athenean army forges their elephants across the great swamp and into Pal-ul-don.  When the Elephant Men lay siege to New Cathne, Tarzan uses Dr. Mervin's growth hormones to grow and train Goliath, a gigantic lion. Together, they break the siege.

“Tarzan and the Marsh Dwellers”
 When Terribs capture Princess Loma of Lutor, Tarzan rides a Banthur -- a giant swan -- to her rescue.

“The Drums”
 Stopping at a village along the trail, Mabu meets a girl named Wari, and immediately likes her -- maybe a little too much.

“Brothers of the Spear”
 Dan-el and Natongo are ambushed, beaten, and sold to an Arab slaver. They quickly escape and return to their northward quest.

 The format returns to 52 pages.

Oct. 1952
W: Gaylord DuBois ~ A: Jesse Marsh ~ C: Lex Barker photo
“Tarzan and the Mysterious Giants”
Inside and old volcano, Tarzan discovers giant white men wearing horned helmets and living in English cottages. When the white giants force men and beasts to fight, Tarzan unites the combatants and, as they escape, dynamites the volcano back to life.

“Tarzan and the Old Man Baboon”
 The tribe of an old man baboon, whose gunshot wound Tarzan healed, helps Tarzan overcome vengeful slavers.

 Mabu learns that certain behavior is considered taboo.

“Brothers of the Spear”
 Beneath the Northern Mountains that Dan-el has dreamed of, he and Natongo discover a tomb of gold faced mummies, adorned with golden keys.

Nov. 1952
W: Gaylord DuBois ~ A: Jesse Marsh/Russ Manning ~ C: Lex Barker photo
“Tarzan and the Cat Men of Crater Lake”
Riding the giant swan Banthurs, Tarzan and his Waziri companions help Princess Loma rescue her brother, Prince Keelim of Lutor. It's underwater adventure with giant water snakes when Tarzan rescues the Prince and two English prisoners from the Cat Men's Temple of Brule. A volcanic explosion destroys Crater Lake.

“Tarzan Revisits Opar”
 "Gold! The gold of Opar! Ha, ha, hee, hee."
 Things go badly for a greedy treasure hunter. La is back, and King Nikon's miniature gazelle riding pygmy warriors can only help Tarzan rescue the man's step-sister.

“Sing from the Gods”
 The young girl, Wari, sees a sign in Mabu.

“Brothers of the Spear”
 Have Dan-el and Natongo found the Kingdom of the Key? Upon their arrival in this land of white men, they anger the witch doctor, Nagopa. The last episode with Jesse Marsh art.

Dec. 1952
W: Gaylord DuBois ~ A: Jesse Marsh/Russ Manning ~ C: Lex Barker photo
“Tarzan and the Men of Monga”
Up in the skies of Pal-ul-don, a man rides on the back of a pterodactyl!
 "It is Tarzan! Only Tarzan could do that!"
 Tarzan rescues Jo-rah's sister from Mongan cliff caves. The offspring of the Dyal Tarzan previously gave Jo-rah as a wedding gift jumpkicks a T-Rex unconscious.

“Tarzan and the Elephants of Athne”
 "It's me, Tarzan, your old enemy ... ho, ho, ho."
 Tarzan taunts Prince Ergon of New Athne. Ergon then takes an archaeological team captive.

“The New Warrior”
 Mabu watches a rite of manhood.

“Brothers of the Spear”
 Artist Russ Manning makes his professional debut! Den-el's key-shaped birthmark and his key talisman reveal him to be the lost son of an overthrown king.

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