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WonderCon programming schedule is up! 
Join ERB, Inc. on Saturday, March 26, at 10:30 a.m. in Room 502A for 
"Tarzan: A Conversation with Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc."

Jim Sullos (president) and Cathy Wilbanks (archivist) discuss the upcoming releases, featuring Edgar Rice Burroughs's famous literary heroes, including Warner Bros.' big-screen feature The Legend of Tarzan (2016), the animated Netflix Original Series "Tarzan and Jane" (2016), and comics, novels, role-playing games, and more based on Tarzan of the Apes, John Carter of Mars, Carson of Venus, Pellucidar, and The Land That Time Forgot.
Moderated by Scott Tracy Griffin, author of "Tarzan: The Centennial Celebration" and the forthcoming "Tarzan on Film."
At the Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. booth, 2016 WonderCon,
Los Angeles Convention Center, March, 2016.

Cathy Mann Wilbanks with Tyler Wilbanks 
at the ERB at the LA WonderCon booth

Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. president Jim Sullos 
with Bruce Boxleitner and Tracy Griffin.

Jim Sullos, President, ERB, Inc. ~ Cathy Wilbanks, Archivist, ERB, Inc. ~ Steve Hurley, Visiting Thark
Scott Tracy Griffin, author of Tarzan, the Centennial Celebration.
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Censored DJ Art:
Canaveral Press Edition
"Tarzan's Latest Adventure

Recent Colourized Version
Phil Normand's Recoverings
"The Mayan Princess Unbound!"

The ERB Canaveral Editions

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A Collector's Hypertexted and Annotated Storehouse of Encyclopedic Resources
by an Exhausted Scholar: William G. Hillman
To illustrate the power of Edgar Rice Burroughs to influence young people to read, a quote from Mary Travers’ book, A Woman’s Words:

“Some people learn to read only because school requires it. They never learn to love books, to need books, to devour books.

“Long before there was television, lonely children found friends and escape in pages written just to them, or so it seemed... fortunately for me there was a teacher who introduced me to the endless universe contained in books.

“Bertram Benedict Standwick Mickelbank, how could I forget you?

“Good teacher that you were, you tricked your students into doing what you wanted. You read aloud to us in the fifth grade. No one, young or old, can resist a good storyteller. That’s tradition as old as humankind itself. Then you picked the perfect book, John Carter of Mars.”

She goes on to relate how many of the students, including herself, were inspired to search out more of Burroughs in second-hand book stores, and became life-long readers, and not just of Burroughs.Mary Travers went on to be part of the folk-singing group Peter, Paul and Mary. It’s always nice for me when two of my favourite genres can come together.

~ Contributed by Jim Armour

from John "Bridge Martin
A Close Shave for Tarzan
  Tarzan woke up from a comfortable night in the fork of an arboreal giant, stretched, said hello to Bittybob, the bluebird, and then dropped lightly to the ground.

  Through the trees in the distance he could see the outline of a new lost city and no doubt there would be a ravishingly beautiful princess within. Tarzan, of course, was loyal to Jane, but he didn't mind the fact that jungle beauties tended to look at him with goo-goo eyes, and it was flattering to him to know that he was attractive to the opposite sex.

  But not the way he looked right now.

  It had been about a week since Tarzan had last shaved, and he knew a pretty princess would be turned off by the stubble that made him more closely resemble Yassir Arafat than a virile ape-man.

  So, he stopped by a jungle pool and examined his image in the still water. Tarzan ran his hand over the growth on his phiz and had to chuckle at the way he looked. It was a good thing he had brought along his trusty razor in his ditty bag. He reached into the sack and hauled it out. He examined it carefully. Yet, it looked like it was still in good shape despite several nights in the jungle and the blades appeared to be as sharp as ever.

  Best of all, it was still fully charged.

  Tarzan flicked the switch and heard the business-like buzz and felt the vibration of the mini grooming machine. Leaning over his reflection in the pool, and holding carefully onto the razor so he would not drop it into the water, Tarzan began shaving off the stubble, visions of an exotic princess dancing in his head.

Tarzan's Secret Treasure
  "What for lunch. Tarzan hungry as Wolf," said the ape-man. "Ha ha. That little joke."

 Jane frowned slightly at the pun. "I've got something great out of this new recipe book, Denier's Dinners," she said. "And I've mixed you up a nice bowl of freshly cut greens."

  She sat the dish in front of Tarzan and he did his best to look like he was eager to eat it.

  "Jane too good to Tarzan," he said. "Not need to go to all that trouble."

   "Oh, no trouble," said Jane, sitting down at the table across from him. Tarzan knew that, with her watching, he was going to have to eat it. He made short work of the greens, cramming them into his mouth so he could chew up as many as possible at once and get the ordeal over with quickly.

  "Now, Tarzan," Jane chided. "There's no need to bolt your food."

  "Tarzan can't help self," he said. "Jane such good cook."

  After dinner it was only a matter of time. The jungle was full of weird noises and at last a scarey one cut through the grass wall of the treehouse, and Tarzan could see that Jane was scared.

  He leaped to his feet and put his right hand on the hunting knife of his long-dead sire. "Tarzan investigate," he said. "Find out what make weird noise. Protect Jane."

  Before Jane could remind him that she had a high-powered 30.06 semi-automatic rifle to provide her all the protection she needed, Tarzan was out the door and swinging away in the freedom of the jungle.

  He knew what had made the noise. It was the harmless kookaboora bird. He was looking for meat, fresh meat, and at last he saw the warthog plodding along. Quick as Ara the Lightning he swooped down and plunged his blade into the back of the animal, which squealed pathetically before it expired. Hardly able to contain himself with the gnawing hunger in his gut, Tarzan cut off a haunch and, without bothering to bury the carcass as he usually did, he took to the trees as he stuffed the bleeding hunk of raw meat into his mouth and chewed vigorously.

  After a two-hour nap, Tarzan then went to his special tree by the river. He punched in the combination on the cleverly disguised lock and opened the door in the tree, pulling out his toothbrush and mouthwash. Then he knelt at the river and went to work on his breath.

  "What Jane doesn't know won't hurt her," said Tarzan.



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Prince Valiant, Vol. 14: 1963-1964! 
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Hogarth's Sunday pages in German 1943 and 1944

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The December 1922 edition of "Cadet Days"
(a publication of the St. John's Military Academy),
contains a letter written by Gen. Charles King
in which he reminisces about the school.
From the Brian Bohnett Collection

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Photograph was taken at DumDum, India, following the unit's withdrawal from Burma."
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