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The History of the  Mucker Magazine
Part Five: Issues 27-36
Compiled By Ken Manson
From Our ERBapa Reprint and ERBzine FANZINE Series
Part One: The First Six Issues
Part Two: Issues 7-13
Part Three: Issues 14-20
Part Four: Issues 21-26
Part Five: Issues 27-36

Issue No.:  27
Date: May 19, 2013
Where assembled: Joan Bledig’s home in Minooka, Illinois
Front cover:  Denny Miller holding copy of Mucker Magazine issue 22, courtesy of Ken Manson with a little help from Joan Bledig.
Back cover:  Ad from Suburban Economist newspaper for Johnny Weissmuller pools, courtesy of Ken
Number of pages: 31
List of contents:
    Cry of the Red Hawk:  “Also in 2012 – Mike Resnick Guest of Honor at  (Chicon 7) WorldCon, Aug. 31 to Sept. 4, 2012” (photo of Mike and Joan Bledig) – Jim Hadac
    TFAW Interviews: Dynamite’s Arvid Nelson, Oct. 14, 2011,  on– courtesy of Jim Thompson
    Creatures of Caspak by Greg Phillips
    Library Bindings (for Grosset & Dunlap ERB books) by Mike Conran
    The ERB Scrapbook Files of Ray Le Beau: “Swing Shifts” “Tarzan has had 18 incarnations but it’s still a jungle out there” by Christopher Cornell, undated from Knight-Ridder Tribune News; “The Man Who Made Tarzan Swing” (on Sy Weintraub) by Arthur Whitman, undated Chicago Tribune Magazine – compiled by Ray Le Beau
    Jodades:  ”Weissmuller lived in Elk Grove Village” – Ken Manson
    The comic caption contest for Feb. 5 (“Tarzan  hear Wall Street jungle full of cheetahs”) - courtesy of Joan Bledig
    “Tarzan and His Mate” advertisement – courtesy of Bill Ross.
     Huffington Post Entertainment, May 3, 2013: “’Tarzan’ movie shutdown by Warner Brothers Production Could Get Pushed to 2014,”by Christopher Rosen- courtesy of Bill Ross
     Deadline Hollywood:  “’Tarzan’ Dying on the Vine at Warner Brothers,” April 10, 2013, by Mike Fleming Jr.- courtesy of Bill Ross
     ERBane Comments: “Bombastic Notes for  May 2014: Bumble in the Jungle” (on Bomba the Jungle Boy) – by Dave Gorecki
     “More than 78,000 People Sign Up for One-Way Trip to Mars, Epoch Times staff,”  by Zachary Stieber - courtesy of  John Thompson and Elaine Casella

Issue No.:  28
Date: Aug. 8-11, 2013
Where assembled: 2013 Dum-Dum in Louisville, Ky.
Front cover:  “The Muckers Take Pellucidar” - art by Greg Phillips
Back cover:  None; front cover of National Capital Panthans Journal No. 202
Number of pages: 39
List of contents:
    Inside back cover: Who’s Who in “The Muckers Take Pellucidar”- Greg Phillips
    “Tarzan  returns from Edwardian swinger to hunky ecowarrior,” by Robert McCrum,  from The Observor, July 14, 2012 – courtesy of Joan Bledig
    Dynamite Comics cover checklist, Part 3- by Mike Conran
    Phillip C. Currie from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, courtesy of Bill Ross
    The ERB Scrapbook Files of Ray Le Beau: Father’s Day Weekend,  “Tarzan Family Day,” Tarzan from Burroughs to Disney” - compiled by Ray Le Beau
    Cry of  the Red Hawk- “BWANA: Mike Resnick and His Worlds”-  Jim Hadac
    Jodades - ” Weissmuller in Dutch – compiled by Ken Manson
    ERBane Comments:  Pulpfest 2013; Elaborate “Tarzan” Float Visits City; Masters of Imagination Meet in Waikiki – Dave Gorecki
    The Mad King (1914) by Edgar Rice Burroughs –courtesy of Jim Thompson

Issue No.:  29
Date: Nov. 23, 2013

Where assembled: Greg Phillips’ home in Oak Park
Front cover: South American movie poster of  Lex Barker and actress, courtesy of Dave Gorecki
Back cover:  “Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs” co-editors promote book at Windycon- courtesy of Ken Manson
Number of pages: 47
List of contents:
    “Did Winston Churchill Read Edgar Rice Burroughs”- Lee Strong
     Interview with Andy Briggs. author of  “Tarzan, the Jungle Warrior,” the MG Harris blog,  posted on July 19, 2012 – courtesy of  Jim Hadac
     “Loose Parts” cartoon by Dave Blazek of Tarzan and  the Learning Curve, June 6, 2012-  Joan Bledig
     Edgar Rice Burroughs page from “Legendary Locales of  Oak Park’ by Doug Deuschler – courtesy of Greg Phillips
     ERBane Comments-  Golden Lines for November 2013. on ”Tarzan and the Golden Lion” –Dave Gorecki
     “Oak Park Biography: Edgar Rice Burroughs: A Brief Biography of the Chicago and Oak Park Years,”  from – courtesy of Bill Ross
     “The Dream Weaver,” an  Edgar Rice Burroughs chapbook, 1962, Fort Johnson, N.Y. – courtesy of Bob Krakowsky
     “Aping the Ape Man” by Andrew X. Pham,  from the Jan. 9-15 edition of  Metro,   - courtesy of Jim Thompson
     Jodades: “Meet Dave Seeley” (artist for “Other Worlds of ERB”); more Dutch clippings of Weissmuller- Ken Manson
     The ERB Scrapbook Files of Ray Le Beau: Letter to the Editor column, “The Dum-Dum,” from Joe Kubert DC comic books, 1972-73
     Contribution  lost in the mail from Mike Conran

 .  .
Issue No.:  30
Date: Feb. 8, 2014
Where assembled: Jerry Spannraft’s home in Palos Park
Front cover: Greg Phillips’ version of  a Burne Hogarth drawing of  Billy Byrne and Barbara Harding, commissioned by Ken Manson, cover finalized  by Dave Gorecki
Back cover:  ERB and one of his automobiles – courtesy of John Tyner II
Number of pages:  38
List of contents:
     Comments on the cover - Greg Phillips
     Jodades:  “Swedish filmisar trading cards include Tarzan, actors” – Ken Manson
     ERBane Comments:  Tossing Some Brix (on Herman Brix movies) – Dave Gorecki
     “Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs” (book) press kit by Robert T. Garcia and Mike Resnick – courtesy of Joan Bledig
   “All you speak of is real to me” by Forrest J. Ackerman/.Edgar Rice Burroughs (correspondence to author by 14-year-old 4E), from,  and  “How I Wrote the Tarzan Books” by ERB, from courtesy of Bill Ross
    Dynamite Comics “Lord of Mars” cover checklist (the missing article that should have been in Mucker Magazine Issue 29) - Mike Conran
    “Now Playing: Cheap-and-Schlocky Blockbuster Ripoffs,” (on films by The Asylum),  by Brian Raftery, from www/, Dec. 21, 2009 – courtesy of Jim Thompson
      “The ERB Scrapbook Files of  Ray  Le Beau”: Ron Ely TV Tarzan ads and articles –  compiled by Ray Le Beau
      Cartoon “Faster Sulu, Before Disney Acquires Us,”  from  scontent-a-iad.xx.fbcdnnet/hphotos, Feb. 5, 2014 – courtesy of Jim Hadac
     Letter from John Coleman Burroughs to his father, July 31, 1936, about production of Bob Clampett’s John Carter cartoon, with art – courtesy of  J.G. Huckenpohler
     Book reviews of “War of the Worlds” and “War of the Worlds: Global Dispatches”  by Lee Strong

Issue No.:  31
Date: June 7, 2014
Where assembled: Carlos Bedrossian’s home in Oak Park, Illinois
Front cover: The other Muckers in the collection of  Jerry Spannraft. Jerry has started collecting everything Mucker - Jerry Spannraft, with help from Joan Bledig.
Back cover:  ERB Inc.’s web ad for The Mucker comic strip online.
Number of pages:  39
List of contents:
     ”Michael Hudson  is Pulp Fiction” by Alexandra Holzer, Huff  Post Books: The Blog, posted 2/1/2012, on president of Sequential Pulp Comics, publisher of ERB graphic novels, contributed by Bill Ross
    “Recent Adventures” on trips to Annapolis. Md. and Panthans’ meeting ; Philadelphia; Oak Park; Palos Park for Muckers meeting; California to see daughter and ERB Inc.; and Lombard, Ill., for Windy City Pulp And Paper Convention - Mike Conran
     “The Mucker” (novel), from Wikipedia, contributed by Joan Bledig
       List of Tarzan comic strip artists as of June 1, 2014- J.G. Huckenpohler
       Jodades: “Richard S. Prather was a Tarzan fan,” (mentions of Tarzan by mystery author); “Other quotes about Tarzan … and ERB” by other authors - Ken Manson
     The ERB Scrapbook Files of Ray Le Beau: Photo of another “unknown” Tarzan actor, Jose Luis Ayestaran (aka Richard Yesteran), bio; and filmography- compiled by Ray Le Beau
     Cry of the Red Hawk: “Visiting Philippe (Badre): Our Trip to Europe, September 2013”- Jim Hadac
     “Frazetta art collection to leave Poconos,” Howard Frank, Pocono Record,  Dec. 16, 2009- courtesy of  Jim Thompson
      ERBane Comments: “The Fantastic Jungle Jim,”  summary of  three movies – Dave Gorecki
       “Korsars!” illustration and discussion of race in Pellucidar- Greg Phillips

Issue No.:  32
Date: Aug. 1, 2014
Where assembled: Dum-Dum in Bryan, Texas
Front cover:  Cartoon -“The Muckers Take Barsoom”- Greg Phillips
Back cover:  Guess what? The back cover  is again an entire Panthans Journal  (No. 214)
Number of pages:  33
List of contents:
     Who’s who in The Muckers Take Barsoom- a key to members in  the drawing- Greg Phillips
      “The Oakdale Affair,” from Wikipedia, courtesy of Joan Bledig
      “A Evening in Paris” – story by Lee Strong
     The Polodan Times (News from the Planet of Unending War and  New Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs) - Lee Strong
     The Mucker Magazine ECOF –Part 2 (Part 1 is on the Panthans side of the double issue) - Mike Conran
     ERBane Comments: Harrison Reports reviews of six Tarzan films from 1935 to ‘42- Dave Gorecki
     “Giant Wildlife Seen by a Small Group of Panthans and  Muckers While Roaming the Southern Portion of North Dakota After Attending ECOF Gathering,” photos of sculptures –Bill Ross
     The ERB Scrapbook Files of Ray Le Beau:  newspaper clippings of  Joe Lara and friends in “Tarzan  in Manhattan”- compiled by Ray Le Beau
     Cry of the Red Hawk: “Say it ain’t so, Bigfoot a fake?” –Jim  Hadac
     Jodades:  “ERB’s ‘Moon Maid’ ‘filmed’ for Dick Tracy (comic) strips”; “Jungle Babe” –autographed photo of Appolonia Kotero - Ken Manson
       “Tarzan” (2014 Constantin animated  movie) film review, by Jordan Mintzer. The Hollywood Reporter, - Jan, 27, 2014-  courtesy of Jim Thompson

Issue No.:  33
Date: Nov. 22, 2014
Where assembled: Joan Bleidg’s home in Minooka, Ill.
Front cover: Photo of Miles O’Keeffe, star of  1981 “Tarzan , the Ape Man,”  holding a copy of Mucker Magazine Issue 32- by Ken Manson with help from Dave Gorecki
Back cover:  Autographed photo of Miles O’Keeffe and photo of Ken Manson with O’Keeffe- Ken Manson with help from Joan Bledig
Number of pages:  50
List of contents:
    “Hometown Safari : Oechslin House in River Forest” (that hosted a fundraiser by the Historical Society of Oak Park and River Forest and features 73 mounted animals) –Joan Bledig
    Dynamite Comics John  Carter, Warlord of Mars cover checklist- Mike Conran
    “All you speak of is real to me” (Aug. 25, 1931, letter from Forrest J. Ackerman to ERB, and his reply) –Bill Ross
     The Polodan Times: “Burroughs Empire Recaptures Most Martian Media” (ERB Inc. gets Barsoom rights from Disney- Lee Strong
      The ERB Scrapbook Files of Ray Le Beau: “Tarzan was my co-pilot: (Ray) Bradbury,”  by Ray Bradbury, Chicago Daily News, Oct. 22, 1975;  “Joe Lara swings into Tarzan role sans vine,”  Joe Walek, TV critic; Tarzan-related cartoon - Ray Le Beau
      “Four Muckers’ road trip to Texas”- illustration and story on trip by Greg, Joan and the Goreckis  to Bryan for the Dum-Dum and back – Greg Phillips
       “Firestarter” on his return to ERB fandom, with photos of books he has got - Clay Davis
       ERBane Comments: The Fantastic Jungle Jim, Part 2- summaries of two movies- Dave Gorecki
       Jodades: “Trashing the camp’”- reviews of Tarzan, the Stage Musical in Des Plaines, Illinois, and 2014 Constantin  “Tarzan”; “Jungle Babe”-autographed photo of actress Jolene Blalock - Ken Manson
      The Cry of the Red Hawk: “A ‘Hawk’s Eye’ View of  ‘The Bandit (of Hell’s Bend)”, and two Tarzan-related cartoons- Jim Hadac

Issue No.:  34
Date: Feb. 7, 2015
Where assembled: Jerry Spannraft’s home in Palos Park, Ill.
Front cover: The latest project, “Lucifer’s Sword,” a graphic novel by Ronn Sutton, artist for the Mucker 2010 Souvenir Book. Courtesy of Ronn Sutton and Joan Bledig.
Back cover:  Cover of  “Tarzan, The Complete Russ Manning Comic Strips, Volume 3: 1971-1974” with a foreword by Henry Franke III, courtesy of Joan Bledig
Number of pages:  32
List of contents:
     A press release dated Jan. 15, 2015, from Ronn Sutton on his latest project, ”Lucifer’s Sword,” a graphic novel, courtesy of Joan Bledig
     “Out of frying pan into fire in Pellucidar” (comic) - Clay Davis
     The ERB Scrapbook of Ray Le Beau:   Photo of  Caz, Danton Burroughs and Russ Manning; two Hogarth Sunday Tarzan pages; Spanish ad for Aurora Tarzan model kit; Tarzan – You’re the Swingingest valentine; a 1975 letter from Duke Frederick professor of history at Northeastern University, to Barbara Ballinger of the Oak Park Library on participating in Burroughs celebration in Oak Park.
     ERBane Comments: British pressbook for  late 1940s reissue of  “The Lion Man”  -Dave Gorecki
     Dynamite Covers Checklist- Part 4, (Dejah Thoris issues 28 to 37, and others) by Mike Conran
     “More John Carter Toys,” cartoon by Greg Phillips
     Johnny Weissmuller Quotes; Mighty Funny’s mini-jokes; obituary for  Rod Taylor, who played Tarzan in radio drama - Bill Ross
     Jodades: reviews of three ERB pastiches and related books (“Tarzan Presley,” “Maureen Birnbaum, Barbarian Swordsperson” and “Gilbert and Edgar on Mars”); article “Weissmuller Swims to the Films,” from  Literary Digest, April 16, 1932,  (on “Tarzan, the Ape Man”); and a photo of a Jungle Babe- Tyra Banks,  by Ken Manson
    Oscar Winner Michael Giacchino scoring “John Carter of  Mars,” March 11, 2010, MovieScore Magazine; article, “Notary at center of Frazetta theft case is fired,” by Howard  Frank,  March 3, 2010 , Pocono Record, courtesy of Jim Thompson.
     The Cry of the Red Hawk: “To Sail an Ocean of Venus,” on Amtor stories, Jim Hadac

Issue No.:  35
Date: June 4, 2015
Where assembled: At the 2015 ECOF Gathering in Rockville, Md..
Front cover: Morris Gollub’s original painting from Dell Tarzan issue #71, August, 1955; done when Dell was transitioning away from Lex Barker photo/paint covers, courtesy of Dave Gorecki.
Back cover:  None. Panthans Journal  224
Number of pages:  34
List of contents:
    Souvenir program for the Second Annual Normal Beans’ Dinner program, Oct. 20, 1990, courtesy of  Joan Bledig.
    “Hustle and Prose: Edgar Rice Burroughs,” by Rebecca Brinson, Sept. 10, 2013,  in Ancient Grains Books 7 Comments, courtesy of Bill Ross.
    John Carter Warlord of Mars Dynamite Comics covers checklist - Part 2- Mike Conran.
    ERBane Comments Summer 2015:  Dec. 27, 1976, letter to The Nostalgia Merchant from  Johnny Weissmuller granting them permission to use his likeness and getting paid to autograph posters; “Savage Fury” lobby card; photo of Marlon Brando on a motorcycle with “Tamba,” the monkey from  the Jungle Jim series as they ride on the Columbia lot; “Tarzan the Fearless” poster - Dave  Gorecki.
     Autographed pamphlet for 72nd Annual Business Marketing Association Conference in Chicago with Denny Miller as a speaker on “Doing Nothing- Relaxing Before Learning,” courtesy of Jerry Spannraft.
     Jodades- “Tarzan Escapes” Spanish pressbook with translations; Future home of ERB exhibit – “Historical society renovating new home,” by Alex V. Hernandez, TribLocal,  Jan. 29 - Feb. 4, 2015; Jungle Babe – Carol Thurston from “Killer Ape” with Johnny Weissmuller as Jungle Jim – Ken Manson.
     Cry of the Red Hawk-  ERB in “One Summer America, 1927”  (by Bill Bryson) – Jim Hadac.
     The ERB Scrapbook Files of Ray LeBeau – TV Guide ad for “Tarzan’s Fight for Life”;  Duke Frederick  letter to Oak Park Library (see issue 34) ; “Serious about Comics,” by Jim Arpy, Nov. 3, 1974, Times-Democrat,  Davenport-Bellendorf, Iowa, (on Max Allan  Collins’ collection of comic art, including Hogarth Tarzan, on display in local museum); “The plot to rehabilitate Tarzan,” by  Bob Thomas. Chicago Sun-Times, Jan, 16, 1971, on ERB Inc. presentation of ERB books to Tarzana branch of Los Angeles Public Library ; Chicago Sunday American advertisement for giveaway in Sunday newspaper of giant poster of  Elmo Lincoln as Tarzan- Ray LeBeau.
      Ad on for sale of poster of “Elmo the Fearless,” chapter 2 of the serial, courtesy of  Jim Thompson.
      “I Open the Little Door” and  “Another Has Crossed,” stories by Lee Strong.

Issue No.:  36
Date: Aug. 8, 2015
Where assembled: Joan Bledig’s home in Minooka, Illinois.
Front cover:  A screen capture of the home web page of  Lovern Kindzierski that includes part of an illustration he drew for  the Muckers’ 2010 Dum-Dum souvenir book “The Mucker and Return of the Mucker,” courtesy of Joan Bledig
Back cover:  La of Opar by Roy Krenkel, courtesy of Joan Bledig
Number of pages:  40
List of contents:
    A photo and story about the current Burroughs collection of  Randy Snyder, who introduced Joan to Tarzan - Joan Bledig
    A biography and headshot of Jon Hall, star of  “The Lion Man” and co-star of  “Ramar of the Jungle” - Bill Ross
    More Dynamite comics- cover checklist of  the Sword of Sorrow series –Mike Conran
    The Poladan Times: news; reviews of  “Jurassic World” movie,  “The Martian Legion,” “The Lad and the Lion,” “Mahars of Pellucidar,” “Red Axe of Pellucidar”  and “The Number of the Beast”; Letter and list to Shannon Link, of Gray Stone Day School in Misenheimer, N.C., about Panthans’ donation of books – Lee Strong
    Cartoon of 8th Barsoomian Ray- Greg Phillips
    Jodades: “Greystoke Castle examined”; list of four gender-switch  pastiches by Edna Rice Burroughs including “Tarzan of the Apes Reswung”; “Jungle Babe”- autographed photo of  half-naked Caroline Munro; “Jungle Dude” –autographed photo of Doug McClure - Ken Manson
     ERBane Comments: ”Another Chicago connection - Gordon Griffith”;  sheet music from “A Cannibal Carnival,” used in MGM Tarzan films from “Tarzan Escapes” to “Tarzan’s New York Adventure,” and other jungle  movies –Dave Gorecki
     “Fantastic Worlds: A lifelong plunge into adventures with Edgar Rice Burroughs and Robert E. Howard is linked by Frank Frazetta” (about Frazetta and Krenkel covers for Ace paperbacks) – Louis Black, The Austin Chronicle,  March 13, 2015- Jim Thompson
     The Cry of the Red Hawk: “Elephant Bill: A reverse Tarzan in Burma”;  photo of Jungle Girl captured, Jim Hadac
     The ERB Scrapbook Files  of Ray Le Beau: Photos of metal miniature figures in the John Carter, Warlord of Mars series  - Ray Le Beau

    In less than 10 years, the Muckers have printed more than 1,000 pages in their quarterly magazine – 1,113 actually since the first issue was assembled Oct. 21, 2006, in the Pleasant Home in Oak Park.
   Not much has changed. Jeff Long has moved downstate and some members do not contribute to every issue as they once did.
    Thirty-one people have contributed to the magazine, including new additions Clay Davis and Elaine Casella.
    Continuing columns are “The Cry of the Red Hawk’’ by Jim Hadac; ``ERBane Comments’’ by Dave Gorecki.``The ERB Scrapbooks of Ray LeBeau’’  by the namesake; and ``Jodades’’ by me.
    The Muckers continue to publish 25 copies of each issue, except once a year when we do 50 copies in cooperation with the Panthans during an ERB convention. Most were done during a Dum-Dum: No. 28 recently in Louisville, Ky., and 32 in Bryan, Texas. But No. 35 was assembled during an ECOF Gathering, held in Rockville, Md., because not many Muckers were going to the Dum-Dum in 2015.
     The obligatory naked princess is gone but I started a “Jungle Babe” and others have done similarly.
    The February issue still has been assembled at Jerry Spannraft’s home in Palos Park and we still meet at Joan’s home, now in Minooka. We have not met since Nov. 6, 2011, at the Pleasant Home in Oak Park.
      The biggest new issue was No. 33 with 50 pages, but is dwarfed by No. 21 with 98 pages.  The smallest of issues 27-36 was No. 27 with 31 pages, still more than No. 25 with 24 pages.\
     Joan Bledig, Jim Hadac and Bill Ross have continued to contribute to all 36 issues, Mike Conran had No.  29 lost in the mail. I missed one issue.
    In the last 10 issues, the biggest contributors were me, with 58 pages; Ray, 46; Dave, 43;  Jim Hadac, 38; Lee Strong, 36; Joan, 35-1/2; Jim Thompson, 30; Mike, 26; Bill, 25; Greg, 17-1.2; Bob Krakowsky, 12; Clay Davis and Huck, 4 each; Jerry, 3-1/2;  and John Thompson, Elaine Casella and John Tyner, 1 each.
    Joan still is the queen of all issues with 226 pages; Ken, 188; Jim Thompson, 157; Dave, 142; Ray 142; Jeff, 131;  Jim Hadac, 127; Mike, 116; Bill Ross, 103-1/2; Lee Strong, 103; Jerry, 93-1/2; Greg, 83; and Bob, 69.
     Of the 10 new covers, Joan, Greg and Dave each did 2-1/2; I did 1-1/2 and Jerry did 1. Total for all 36 issues are Joan, 9; Greg, 6-1/2; Ken, 6; Dave, 4; Jerry, 2; Jeff, 2;  Jim, 1-1/2; and Mike, Carlos Bedrossian, Tom Floyd, Mark Wheatley and Charles Madison, 1 each.

The History of the  Mucker Magazine
From Our ERBapa Reprint and ERBzine FANZINE Series
Part One: The First Six Issues
Part Two: Issues 7-13
Part Three: Issues 14-20
Part Four: Issues 21-26
Part Five: Issues 27-36

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