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The History of the  Mucker Magazine
Part Four: Issues 21-26
Compiled By Ken Manson
From Our ERBapa Reprint and ERBzine FANZINE Series
Part One: The First Six Issues
Part Two: Issues 7-13
Part Three: Issues 14-20
Part Four: Issues 21-26
Part Five: Issues 27-36

Issue No.:  21
Date: Nov. 6, 2011
Where assembled: The Pleasant Home, Oak Park
Front cover:  “Ron Ely, TV Tarzan, comes to Chicagoland,” courtesy of Ken Manson, with a little help from Joan Bledig.
Back cover: Ken Manson and Greg Phillips pose with Ron Ely for pictures, with a little help from Joan Bledig.
Number of pages:  98
List of contents:   “Finding Ron Ely and other Tarzans,” about Oct. 1 and 2 Ray and Sharon Courts Presents movie convention in Rosemont, Illinois, by Greg Phillips.
    An Introduction to Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Second Novel, The Outlaw of Torn, by Frank Westwood, excerpted from the Deluxe edition of “The Outlaw Prince,” courtesy of Bob Krakowsky.
    “Tarzan born on Wabash Avenue 100 years ago,” by Jeff "Elmo" Long.
     “Finds Site of Atlantis in the Heart of Africa?” from Chicago Tribune, Jan. 30, 1911, courtesy of Long.
     “Greystoke does little to expand on legends of Tarzan,” movie review by Gene Siskel in Chicago Tribune, March 30, 1984, courtesy of Long.
      “The man who made Tarzan swing,” interview with producer Sy Weintraub by Arthur Whitman, in Chicago Tribune, Sept. 11, 1966, courtesy of Long.
      “Tarzan just won’t let go,” article by David Willis in Chicago Tribune, March 1, 1964,  on Tarzan boom, courtesy of Long.
       “Tarzan to Marry, with his Mate-to-be,” photo and article in L.A. Examiner on ERB marriage to Florence Gilbert Dearholt, courtesy of Jerry Spannraft.
      “Miss Moore’s Dollhouse -$420,000,” article in same issue of L.A. Examiner, on amount Coleen Moore’s dollhouse is insured for, courtesy of Spannraft.
        “The ERB Scrapbook Files of Ray Le Beau”:  Movie Previews –“Tarzan and the Valley of Gold”; Burroughs Bazaar from July 1967, courtesy of Ray Le Beau.
      Lot 6966,All-Story October 1912 , first appearance of Tarzan (Munsey 1912); Lot 44540, All-Story 1912; and Lot 30085, All-Story October 1912,  sales prices at auction ranging from  $13,800 to $41,825; Lot 4,  :Tarzan of the Apes,” McClurg with dust jacket at Sotheby auction, all courtesy of Bill Ross.
      Hilobrow: Hilo Hero: Edgar Rice Burroughs, by David  Smay; “Tarzan’s children: why movies about Africa require white saviors,” by Joe Queenan; James Pierce, all provided by Dr. James Thompson.
     Hudsonville, Michigan Mucker meeting, by Mike Conran.
     Bad Cinema Diary: the Tarzan Pages, on Tarzan movies and actors, provided by Joan Bledig.
     "Jodades": Ken Meets 2 Tarzans; Muckers Meet in Michigan; A ship on which ERB stood; “Tarzan Escapes” from the Lake Theater. all by Ken Manson.
      “ERBane Commentary”:  Dinosaurs and a fake noble savage in “The Savage:’ A Study in Studley; photo from foreign Tarzan movie, all; by Dave Gorecki.
       Documentary on artist Jeffrey Jones, by Henry G. Franke.
     “The Cry of the Red Hawk”: Yankee Tarzan, by Gerald Carson in American Heritage magazine, April/May 1981, courtesy of Jim Hadac.
      “Dreadnaughts” story by Lee Strong. “The Garden of Dr. Moreau” by Louis A. Griffin; “The Bird of Time,”  “The Adventure of the Peerless Peer” and “Time’s Last Gift”, all book reviews by Lee Strong.
      “The Mucker” by Edgar Rice Burroughs. List of magazine appearances and book editions by Lee J. Barrie.

Issue No.:  22
Date: Jan. 28, 2012
Where assembled: Jerry Spannraft’s Palos Park home.
Front cover: Chicago’s Art Institute in the time of Julian the 9th, art by Greg Phillips commissioned by Jim Hadac, with help of Dave Gorecki and Ken Manson.
Back cover:  Argosy All-Story Weekly for the Moon Men, provided by Phillips, Hadac, Gorecki and Manson.
Number of pages:  48
List of contents:
      ``Jodades”: “The Mucker in The Mucker Magazine,: appearances of Billy Byrne, by Ken Manson.
        “ERBane Commentary”: “Tarzan the Ape Man,” article by Jehoahaz Lee-Medd, translated from Portuguese, submitted by Dave Gorecki.
       Tarzan books advertised in a Classics Illustrated comic book, submitted by Jerry Spannraft.
     A Superadventure in Pellucidar and the cover of the Tarzan of the Apes Special superadventure issue, submitted by David Critchfield.
      Tarzan Retold, by Robert San Souci, submitted by Bob Krakowsky.
       Music to Read Burroughs By, CD compiled by Ray Le Beau.
      More copies of “The Mucker” in print, compiled by Lee J. Barrie
      “The Cry of the Red Hawk”: Chicago Under the Heels of the Kalkars, by Jim Hadac.
       Cartoon: “Rubes” by Lee Rubin, submitted by Joan Bledig.
       The Hudsonville, Michigan Meeting Redux, by Mike Conran
       “Tarzan in Los Angeles: the Legacy of Edgar Rice Burroughs,” article by David Silon, submitted by Bill Ross.
      “On the Cover” by Greg Phillips.
     New from Panthan Press; John Carter Trailers ROCK; “John Carter” Spanish movie poster; cover art for the Apache Princess by Chris Wright; all provided by Jeff “Elmo: Long.

Issue No.:  23
Date: May 27, 2012

Where assembled: Joan Bledig’s new home in Minooka, Illinois
Front cover: Casper Van Dien, Lydie Denier and Ron Ely pose with a copy of Mucker Magazine 20, photo courtesy of Mike Conran.
Back cover:  Photos from ECOF, courtesy of Shirley Le Beau.
Number of pages:  56
List of contents:
      “The Meetings of the Chicago Muckers,” by Mike Conran.
      Three “Crankshaft” cartoons, from  April 20-22, 2010, and one “Argyle Sweater” cartoon, Feb. 11, 2012, submitted by Joan Bledig. “Leonard Maltin’s Movie Crazy: Tarzan Swings Again,” submitted by Joan Bledig.
      “Stranger Than Science Fiction: The Mucker, Return of the Mucker, the Oakdale Affair,” book reviews, first two from Oct. 19,2009, and June 25, 2010., submitted by Bill Ross.
       “Jodades”: “Curly Howard, aka, Billy Byrne,” and “Tarzan Meets the Three Stooges,” Ken Manson.
       Cartoon “The Argyle Sweater”: “Where Disney Execs Go to Be Alone,” submitted by Bob Krakowsky.
       Wednesday Journal article, “Getting stoked over Greystoke,” by Ken Trainor, April 6, 2010; “Traci Lords is ‘A Princess of Mars,’ God Help Us,” Nov. 24, 2009, both submitted by Dr. James Thompson.
       “The Cry of the Red Hawk”: Thomas Yeates’ Red Hawk art for Jim Hadac and “What an ECOF,” Jim Hadac.
        “Bad Government on Barsoom,” Part One, by Greg Phillips.
        “ERBane Commentary”: J. Allen St. John article by Darrell Richardson from Other Worlds; photo of ERB and Maureen O’Sullivan at book signing; “Some Last Thoughts on John Carter,” by Dave Gorecki.
        “Star of new Mars movie was born in Chicago,” Chicago Tribune, March 9, 2012, by Jeff Long; “John Carter  of Mars.” reviewed by Jeff Long.
        “The Scrapbooks of Ray Le Beau”:  letter from Vern Coriell;”Going ape over Tarzan” article in Chicago Sun-Times newspaper by Carlos Sadovi, July 29, 1999; photo and letter from Herman Brix; letter from Darrell Richardson on “going ape over Tarzan”; “The Comic Buyers Guide,” Feb. 24, 1984, on Tarzan comics, all submitted by Ray Le Beau.
       “Jane: the Woman Who Loved Tarzan” advertisement for Robin Maxwell’s novel, submitted by Mike Conran
       Inserts: The Best of Times magazine, April 2012, with “Lord of the Louisiana Jungle” interview; ERB Inc. postcard announcing centennial ECOF and Dum-Dum.

Issue No.:  24
Date: Aug. 18, 2012

Where assembled: 2012 Dum-Dum, in Woodland Hills, Calif.
Front cover: Centennial celebration, 100 Years of  Tarzan, prepared by Mike Conran.
Back cover:  ”There ain’t no back cover ‘cepting that Panthan rag.”
Number of pages:  54
List of contents:
      “ECOF 2012- Part One: Woodland Hills, Calif.” by Mike Conran.
      “Jodades” – “Windy City (ERB) Con,” on 2012 Windy City Pulp and Paper Convention, by Ken Manson.
      “The big-screen appeal of the big ape,” Sept. 7, 2011, article in The National, submitted by Dr. James Thompson.
        “10 things You Might Not Know about Olympians: 8, Chicagoan Johnny Weissmuller, article in Chicago Tribune, July 22, 2012, submitted by Bob Krakowsky.
       “Ape Man vs. Cape Man,” column by Terence O’Flaherty, San Francisco Chronicle, on Ron Ely “Tarzan” show and “Batman” show; and ad “ERB’s rare monsters can now be part of your own collection,” on hardcover books, both submitted by Bill Ross.
       “A Sorak of Mars,” story by Archimedes Q. Porter, Phd. , aka “Huck”
      “Bad Government on Barsoom, Part 2,” by Greg Phillips.
     “The Cry of the Red Hawk”: The Outlaw of Torn: No. 1 in the Tarzan series, by Jim Hadac.
     “ERBane Comments”: “Two Artists Look at Jesse Marsh”  on Russ Manning and Alex Toth; and “Scarce as Hen’s Teeth” by Darrell Richardson on rare ERB books; both submitted by Dave Gorecki.
       The Barsoomian Blade: ”Momentum for ‘John Carter’ sequel at Jasoomian Dum-Dum,” and “Matai Shang Still Lives!”, both by Jeff “Elmo” Long.
       “The ERB Scrapbooks of Ray Le Beau” Tarzan comics from 1937, 1944, 1935 and ??,  courtesy of Ray Le Beau.
      Cool News: Harry Interviews Andrew Stanton about John Carter, Gods of Mars and Warlord of Mars,published Feb. 14, 2012,  courtesy of Joan Bledig
      Insert: Phil Normand’s Recoverings bookmark, courtesy of Phil Normand.

Issue No.:  25
Date: Nov. 17, 2012

Where assembled: Greg Phillips’ home, Oak Park
Front cover:  The 25th issue, covers of the first 12  issues of The Mucker Magazine, Ken Manson and Dave Gorecki.
Back cover: ”Sixth anniversary of service to Mangani,” covers of the last 12 issues of The Mucker Magazine, Ken Manson and Dave Gorecki.
Number of pages:  24
List of contents:   “Tarzan at 100,” flier for centennial celebration in Oak Park, courtesy of  Greg Phillips.
    “ERBane Comments”:”Weissmullerings:- Argosy article on “Tarzan and His Mate”; ads/posters for “Tarzan’s Secret Treasure,” and “Tarzan’s New York Adventure”; press book page for “Tarzan and the Leopard Woman,” Dave Gorecki.
      “Cry of the Red Hawk”: “Back to L.A., for the Dum-Dum,” Jim Hadac.
     “About Guam,” on Tarzan River and Tarzan Falls, submitted by  Jim Thompson.
    “Sacramento Library hosts Tarzan centennial celebration,” by Ravali Reddy, in the Sacramento Bee, Aug. 26, 2012, submitted by Bill Ross.
     “The Tarzan Centennial Conference at Bridgewater College, Bridgewater, Va.,” Mike Conran.
      “Liberty Meadows,” cartoon by Frank Cho on Schecky the money king, July 11, 2010, submitted by Joan Bledig.
     “Jodades” “More Chicago slang in ERB books,” on “The Efficiency Expert,” and “Scenes from a Dum-Dum,” photos from 2012 event in L.A., Ken Manson.
     “The ERB Scrapbook Files of Ray Le Beau”: seasons greeting from Tarzan drawing’ “Tarzan, Son of Kala,” review of  Robert Fenton’s “The Big Swingers” in Newsweek, April 10, 1967;Roy Krenkel drawing of Tarzan; Mike Resnick article on Tarzan, all submitted by Ray Le Beau.
     “Tarzan in Brazil,” about Tarzan movie, television shows filmed in that country, Carlos Bedrossian.
     Insert: Reproduced cover of “The Sun Runner” magazine, featuring Robin Maxwell, author of “Jane: The Woman Who Loved Tarzan,” signed by Robin Maxwell and her husband, Max Thomas, furnished by Ken Manson.

Issue No.:  26
Date: Feb. 9, 2013

Where assembled: Jerry Spannraft’s home in Palos Park, Illinois.
Front cover:  Tarzan Stamps, Carlos Bedrossian.
Back cover: Chinese Mars books cover art, provided by Joan Bledig.
Number of pages:  42
List of contents:   Tarzan Puzzles, provided by Mike Conran.
     “ERBane Commentary”: “Denny Potpourri” about Denny Miller’s “Tarzan, the Ape Man,” submitted by Dave Gorecki.
      “O’Sullivan’s greatest role is recalled,” article by Kimberly Martineau, Washington Times newspaper,  March 7, 1998, submitted by “Huck” Huckenpohler.
      “Cartoosnshmartoon” about Tarzan, Dec. 1, 2008, submitted by Joan Bledig.
     “The ERB Scrapbook Files of Ray Le Beau”: Associated Press article “Was chimp really Cheetah?” Dec. 29, 2011;  article, “You Tarzan, Me Collector” by Carmen  Cambareri in American Collector, June 1983, about fan Thomas Martin; “Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle”  a checklist of Filmation Studios cartoons; Tarzan illustration, all submitted by Ray La Beau.
      Picture excerpts from  “P lease Don’t Call Me Tarzan” by Mike Chapman, submitted by Bob Krakowsky.
      “My Collection,” by Lee J. Barrie.
     A.L. Burt “Tarzan of the Apes” dust jacket variations, by Bill Ross.
    “Yes, there is a Tarzana,” from Gold Key comics “Tarzan of the Apes, “ No. 115, submitted by Greg Phillips.
     “Philatelica Tarzanica: ERB and his creations in worldwide postage stamps,” by Carlos Bedrossian.
     Excerpt from “|A Soldier of Poloda: Further Adventures Beyond The Farthest Star” written by Lee Strong.
     Article, “Frazetta had it covered,” May 26, 2010; and article “Tarzan Returns in 3D” about Germany’s Constantin film, by Dave McNary, Aug. 9, 2010, both submitted by Dr. James Thompson.
    “Tarzan at 100: A Mixed Legacy,” article from Oak Park Library’s “Library News,” November/December 2012, submitted by Jim Hadac.
     Insert: “Warlord of Mars” Dynamite trading card advertisement, courtesy of Mike Conran.

Short summary of 26 issues
    The Muckers have assembled 730 copies of 26 issues, totaling 1,610 pages.
The  biggest issues were No. 21, with 98 pages; the smallest was No. 25 with 24 pages.
    Four people submitted for every issue. Most proficient were Joan Bledig, 190-1/2; Mike Conran, 90; Jim Hadac, 89; and Bill Ross, 78-1/2. Ken Manson missed one issue but submitted 130 pages; Jeff Long missed contributing to three issues, he still submitted 131 pages.  And page counts were 127 for Dr. James Thompson, 99 for Dave Gorecki;  90 for  Jerry Spannraft; 67 for Lee Strong and 64 for Henry G. Franke III.  Bob Krakosky has submitted 41 pages in the last six issues

    Of the 26 front covers, Joan did 6-1/2 (she also shared credit for doing many covers); Greg 4; Ken 4-1/2; Jeff, 2; Jim and Dave 1-1/2; Jerry, Mike, Carlos Bedrossian, Tom Floyd, Mark Wheatley, Charles Madison, 1 each.
    The last six August issues have been assembled during a Dum-Dum _ No. 4 in Louisville; No. 8 special double issue in  Waterloo, Iowa, 12 in Dayton, Ohio;  16 in Hillside, Ill.; 20 in Pocatello, Idaho; and 24 in Woodland Hills, Calif.
    The first issue started with contributions by Jeff Long; Laurence Dunn; Greg Phillips; J. G. ``Huck’’ Huckenpohler; Jim Hadac; Ken Manson; Jerry Spannraft; Bill Ross; and Mike Conran, along with the Table of Contents by Joan Bledig.

Other of the 29 contributors have included Ray Le Beau; Shirley Le Beau; Dave Gorecki; Dr. James Thompson; John Tyner; David Critchfield; Henry G. Franke III; John Thompson; Philippe Badre; Ellen Vartanoff; Lee Strong; Scott Tracy Griffin; Bill Wagner; George McWhorter; Bob Krakowsky; Cole Richardson;  Bob Burrows; Lee J. Barrie; and Carlos Bedrossian. Plus art by Mark Wheatley and Tom Floyd.

The History of the  Mucker Magazine
Part One: The First Six Issues
Part Two: Issues 7-13
Part Three: Issues 14-20
Part Four: Issues 21-26
Part Five: Issues 27-36

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