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Rudy and Bill's clandestine meeting in a Fargo parking lot
where Rudy proudly recalls the many stories embedded in his photo albums
Bill was soon rushing north across the border
toward his ERBzine office scanners with this trove of rare photos.

 1989 Tarzana ECOF
Rudy with Walter Koenig of Star Trek fame.
He shared his huge button collection with Rudy.
Rudy with Forry Ackerman
Rudy with Arte Johnson of Laugh In fame
at a Roger Maris golf banquet
Mike Conran
Mike Shaw
Bill Ross
Rudy at the Universal Studios Entrance
Gigi Barrett
At this time I was working for Fox television and the guy I ordered movies from for the studio said if
I ever got down to LA he would leave me two guest passes.
Gigi volunteered to go with me for the afternoon since we were special guests and it was free
. . . we took pictures of each other . . . ~ Rudy

The Edgar Rice Burroughs Centennial Gathering
September 1, 1975

Johnny Weissmuller ~ Lida Klasterman
Back: Gail Bell, Rick Bailey, Mike Conran
Front: Louise Lorraine, Joyce MacKenzie, Eve Brent, Karla Schramm, Vanessa Brown
Back: Jim Pierce, Jock Mahoney, Johnny Weissmuller, Denny Miller
Rita Coriell
Russ Manning ~ Gail Bell
Forrest Ackerman
Bob and Gigi Barrett
Danton Burroughs
John and Eveleen Roy
Stan Vinson
John F. Roy

 Jock Mahoney and wife Evelyn
Rudy's Notes:
Stan Vinson is standing by my Tarzan sculpture which I no longer have. Seated to the side is Cathy Badger who helped Pete Ogden with ERBANIA and later married Frank Brueckul, assistant editor of the original Burroughs Bulletin with Vern Coriell. I was best man at their wedding in December of 1972 in Fort Lauderdale Florida. 
Frank died in April of 1976 in Tarzana as he worked in the archives of ERB Inc. after he retired in 1972 as an astronomer.
Frank wrote many scientific articles for the Burroughs Bulletin and Gridley Wave and even wrote for the pulps in the 1930s under the name Frank Bridge.

 1987 ECOF at Bill Ross's in Annapolis, Maryland

George McWhorter
This was John Roy's last gathering....he passed away a few months later.

ECOF 1989
Rudy and ERB Friends
Pete Ogden
 Ralph Brown
Martin Smiddy
Mike and Marilyn Shaw
Gabe and Kelly Essoe
(Kelly is Vera Miles' daughter)
with Martin Smiddy
Jim Thompson and fellow-ERB fan

Valley Con 1989
Nichelle Nichols of Star Trek fame
Nichelle Nichols and her weekend escort, Rudy
Nichelle Nichols and Rudy's son, Reed
Nichelle Nichols sitting in Rudy's van


George McWhorter with Bobbie Rucker and Frank Westwood's wife, Doreen

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