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Volume 5567

THE FATE OF THE APE-MAN ~ 1932.12.25
Within the temple Tarzan was brought before the high priest and accused of killing one of the sacred crocodiles, of slaying the palace panther, and of attacking the pharaoh's son -- all offenses punishable by death. The ape-man understood no word of the ancient Egyptian language that was spoken but he understood what his fate would be as the high priest pronounced the sentence. Still bound, as he had been when he lay wounded by the Egyptian arrows, Tarzan was led away by the temple guard. He was brought before the great god, Thoth, to make his peace. Priestesses were chanting a death dirge. After going through a long black corridor, the ape-man suddenly came into the briliant light of the outdoors and halted in surprise at the scene that confronted him. 

There sat the pharaoh and all his court. Alone confronting them stood his friend, Erich Von Harben, condemned like Tarzan to death. As the two friends exchanged signs of recognition, the monkey-man, Tutamken, came rushing down the steps. Fiercely he lashed the ape-man. Then he took command of the guard and Tarzan and Von Harben were led forth to their fate. The bonds of the prisoners were unloosed. Then they were sent down a long wide staircase to meet the fate that feindish minds had devised for those who offended the gods of Egypt.

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