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Volume 5565

THE MAN HUNT ~ 1932.12.11
While the leader lay stricken by Tarzan's spear, the charioteers gathered about him. Having no further orders they carried him back to the great temple. The body was brouight to Tutamken, the monkey-man, eccentric son of the Great Pharaoh. It was Tutamken who had rescued the ape-man, but now he called upon the soldiers to hunt through the whole forest to bring back Tarzan dead or alive. Troops of men, armed with bows and arrows were sent out across the desert. Tutamken followed, accompanied by his black panther. Tarzan, hidden high in the trees, saw the Egyptian soldiers spread out in the forest, hunting for him. He waited until one was alone and concealed from his fellows. Then he leaped. 

The attack was so silent, so sudden, that the soldier had no chance to shout the alarm. Tarzan took the man's bow and arrow and fled swiftly to the trees. Goro, the moon, had risen in the sky and still the soldiers found no trace of the ape-man, who calmly turned in to sleep. But Tutamken had taken to the trees with his black panther, and finally the beast had caught the ape-man's scent. Stealthily they crept toward the ape-man as he slept..

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