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Volume 5562

THE MONKEY-MAN ~ 1932.11.20
As the panther leaped, Tarzan dodged out of the way of the menacing claws and the yellow man swung himself up to a tree. The ape-man stood ready for the beast's attack. But now attack came. The yellow man dropped lightly to the ground, and at a word from him, the panther stood obediently still. As the yellow man danced in delight at his triump, Tarzan saw some strangely garbed men approaching. They seemed to the ape-man, as thy stood silently, to be soldiers of ancient Egypt come to new life. In front of the yellow man they prostrated themselvesin reverence. Rising, at a word from their commander, two soldiers seized Tarzan firmly. With swift blows the ape-man threw them off and leaped for a down-hanging branch.

As Tarzan sped for safety through the trees, he heard a rustle behind him and, looking back he saw the yellow man following through the trees, swift as Tarzan himself. As the ape-ma paused, the yellow man jabbered like a monkey in glee. Then he hurled himself through the air, turning a double-flip. . . and came up at Tarzan's feet. Who was this strange man before whom soldiers salaamed and who kept pace with the ape-man in his swift flight through the jungle trees?

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