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Volume 5554

It was the next moon before Tarzan's arm was well again and he was able to attempt the journey into the unknown dangers of the cave of the Gigantosaurus. Then he and Von Harben bade farewell to the apes. At the entrance of the elephants' graveyard, they saw an old pachyderm dragging himself wearily within. Like all the elephants of the African fable, knowing he was about to die, he had brought himself to his last resting place.
"This looks like a bad omen," said Von Harben.
"But we shall go on!" said Tarzan

At the entrance to the cave of the Gigantosaurus, they were attacked by two pterodactyls that issued from it uttering weird hissing cries. A short distance within the blackness of the cavern, Von Harben fired in panic at one of the flying reptiles, but Tarzan warned him to save his shot for bigger game. For more than three miles they made their way on a steep slimy slope that led downward through the darkness until at last. . . they reached a subterranean grotto of breathless beauty. Over the jagged arches of rock they clambered.

"Look!" cried Tarzan.

From the slimy depths rose the Gigantosaurus. . .  and reached its great neck out toward them.

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