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Volume 5553

THE KING OF THE APES ~ 1932.09.18

Baffled in their attack upon Tarzan and von Harben the pterodactyls flew high with wild hissing cries preparing to attack afresh. Then the ape-man and the explorer made a dash for the entrance to the elephant's graveyard. As they reached the entrance they paused in amazement, for the pterodactyls stopping their attack as if held back by some power that forbade them to venture beyond the graveyard limits. 

At the other end of the passageway, little Nkima greeted them with shrieks of delight. In response to the monkey's cries, the great apes came leaping through the trees and rushing through the underbrush to hail the Lord of the Jungle on his return from the unknown terrors of the elephants' graveyard. That night when Tarzan and von Harben made their plans to trail the gigantosaurus the beating of a tattoo upon the great earth drum summoned the whole tribe to a victory dance to celebrate the return of the King of the Apes. And Tarzan, flinging off the last remnant of civilization, was again one of the leaping horde in the mad dance of the dum-dum.

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