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Volume 5545

THE CRY OF THE BULL APE ~ 1932.07.24

Long had it been since Tarzan had called for help, but as the bolgani closed in upon him, he uttered the blood-chilling cry of the great apes. Tantor pricked up his ears as the cry came to him. Then he plunged through the jungle. 

As the first gorilla crumpled under his attack, Tarzan lifted the great body to use as a weapon. The next gorilla fell back as Tarzan hurled the mighty mass of shaggy body. A third was met by a shot straight to the heart. But still the bolgani came on and on. Desperately the ape-man fought. Snorting wildly came Tantor in response to Tarzan's call. At the ape-man's order, Tantor picked up Korak. Then the Lord of the Jungle leaped to Tantor's back and shouted the wild victory cry of the bull ape. 

But the cry was stilled before it was finished. . .  the bolgani had snatched the body of Korak and were making off with it.

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