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Volume 5544

BROKEN VINE ~ 1932.07.17

The vine strained under the terrific impact as Tarzan caught Korak's body --- and then strong wood broke. Below were the bolgani who had hurried in hot pursuit. Above was the beast that had tried to hurl Korak to his death. 

As Tarzan fell he reached out desperately for a branch. He caught one and held on for a second. But the speed of his fall was too great and his strong hand slipped. But he force of the fall was broken and Tarzan landed safely upon the ground, still holding Korak unarmed. The bolgani, thirsting for revenge, surrounded him on all sides. The ape-man usually scorned firearms, but now with his own weapons left beside the pool, he took his son's pistol, and examined it to see if it were loaded. 

Then he waited for the bolgani to come on. As the first one neared, he fired. Then the gorilla who had carried Korak off hurled himself from above toward Tarzan. The ape-man fell under the swift impact -- and the gorilla tribe advanced to the attack.

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