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Volume 5540


Just as the steamer was was pulling out from the Gumwi River trading post, a stranger hailed Captain Barry, asking the whereabouts of Tarzan of the Apes. Directed to the village of the Al-Alba tribe, the young man sought out the masked priestess, Lenida, from whom he learned that Tarzan had just departed. Picking up the trail, the youth saw Tarzan swing high into the trees. And that night, as the ape-man slept, the stranger crawled toward him. Silently, he purloined the weapons of the Lord of the Jungle. Then, hidden in ambush, the stranger waited until dawn. Through is binoculars, he saw Tarzan arise in amazement, looking for his lost weapons. 

Through the day he trailed the ape-man at a safe distance, and saw him tear the sliver of rock that he was to weld into a knife. That night when Tarzan was thrusting the stone into the fire to fashion a knife of his own, the stranger watched from the tree above. Then, drawing his bow, he sent the arrow to Tarzan's feet. Almost on top of the arrow he followed, leaping through the air with a wild shout. Tarzan was about to strike when he recognized . . . his own son, Korak the Killer.

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